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Interview Recap – Sid Vicious
by Andre Pritchard

Sid Vicious “The Master and Ruler of the World” A former 2 Time WCW Champion and WWF Champion joined the In Your Head Crew Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards! Here are just a few highlights from the Interview to hear the full Interview head on over to www.InYourHeadOnline.com

Jack kicked off the Interview by asking Sid knows about being at Raw this coming Monday Night for the WWE’s 3-Hour 800th Episode Celebration “No I don’t guys” “I’ve had people calling who I can trust, asking me the questions like I was lying to them”, Jack asked if he got the call if he’d be up for it “I’m all for it of course, That’s where I’ve been waiting on” “I called them a couple of times 9-10 months ago”

Jack asked what went through Sid’s mind when he got his compound fracture at the WCW Pay-Per View Sin in 2001 and if he thought it was as bad as it was “No I didn’t even know it guys, for about a year” “I remember the night they did the surgery, the look on the Doctor’s face he looked like it was serious” “I know a year or two of constant 3-5 days a week of rehab” “It wasn’t the medical doctor it was my psychical therapist who told me how bad it was”

Jack asked if they told Sid that he might not be able to walk normally again “That’s when I found out about it, that’s when they told me” “I was told I would never run again” “To me running is more important than working out” “That’s when it hit me that this was going to be a tough deal”

Jack asked if Sid thought of not even trying to comeback to Wrestling or if it was always Sid’s goal “Of course it was to prove everybody wrong” “I didn’t want to think I’d end my career like that, being carted out on a stretcher” “From the beginning I was probably back in the gym on a walker, and you’d know that was impossible” “I probably did too much damage on my upper body for being on that walker and having to carry my weight so long” “Too me mentally it helped me”

Jack asked how far into his comeback was Sid thinking he wanted another run in the WWE “That was something 7 years ago I wanted to comeback to the WWE or it was WWF at the time”

Jack said that Sid’s comeback is a built in story “That is a give me” “If anything in this business is for certain that is a give me” “There’s a lot of thinks I could do that’s a give me, but that for sure is a give me” “I have never seen that footage myself of breaking my leg” “But I’ve been told about it and it must be really horrific” “100’s of people tell me, if you’ve never seen it don’t watch it”

Jack asked about the rumor for a story which Sid has been thinking for his comeback “You know I’ve told a few people about it” “It’s a real long drawn up story” “It’s an idea with everything within this business in mind” “I’ve paralleled myself and this might sound corny but I’ve paralleled myself with great conquerers like Genghis Khan2 “I’ve told it to a few people but not in total depth” “I haven’t had one person in 4-5 years I’ve been telling this story that hasn’t sad they didn’t like this” “I was really trying to get an honest opinion from different people I know and don’t know” “I think it’ll over shadow the thing with the leg”

A caller asked why he jumped from WCW to WWE for the first time “I just had a good opportunity” “I reached out and taken it”. The same caller asked about the Shockmaster “I remember being on stage earlier that day and then cutting out the sheetrock in that wall where he could walk through it pretty easily” “I told the guys doing construction there’s a 2×4 on the floor there and he’s gonna have that helmet on maybe you should chisel that 2×4 a little bit, (they said) we wont have to do that he can just step over it” “I remember that happening and we were right there” “I think I cussed and said I told you that was gonna happen” “I wasn’t so shocked about Shockmaster tripping”

Jack asks if Sid thinks he was one of the first Anti-Heroes “I’m the first one to done that” “It happened the night I won the belt from Shawn Michaels” “It didn’t really happen that night” “My whole career in the north east I was perceived as the babyface as a heel”

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