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Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up” for July 19, 2007 – SALE!!! And New Releases!

Hey everyone, we got some good news. First off we’re doing a sale! 
Yup, a sale! It’s the usual deal where ya buy four or more titles and save 25% off your entire order! Not bad, eh? This month we are celebrating “Anti-Boredom Month”, which seems perfect since what better way to fight boredom than to watch some SMV DVDs? I know, you’re probably thinking “well I mean why stay indoors, it’s summer” 
but let’s be honest: the more time you spend outside the more likely your chances of getting attacked by killer bees increase. And we’re not talking about Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell and B. Brian Blair!

So go to www.smartmarkvideo.com and buy stuff. This is a perfect opportunity to get all caught up, as in the last six weeks a lot of huge shows have been released like the King of the Death Matches 2007, Tournament of Death, the Young Lions Cup and just added today new stuff from IWA Deep South and F1RST Wrestling!

Here’s what’s new at www.smartmarkvideo.com:

IWA Deep South DVD July 7, 2007 “Risking It All” – Sylacauga, AL – IWA Deep South returns as Drake Younger and Freakshow have a hardcore match, while Mike Quackenbush and Jimmy Rave square off. Also on the show is Brad Armstrong as he takes on Mitch Ryder! The lovely scream queen herself Daffney also appears as she takes on Mickie Knuckles. 
For more information check out www.smartmarkvideo.com! Price: $20.00

F1RST Wrestling DVD May 20, 2007 “Full Force” – Minneapolis, MN – F1RST returns with Arik Cannon taking on Jerry Lynn, while The Northstar Express faces Benjamin Sailer & Nate Bash. Araya Daivari, the brother of WWE Superstar Daivari, also appears as he’s in a four way match featuring Gator Magraw, Casanova and Jaysin Strife! All that and more! For more information check out www.smartmarkvideo.com! 
Price: $15.00

Remember to subscribe to our YouTube account as we’ll be adding all sorts of nifty stuff in the weeks to come. Check out our YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/SmartMarkVideo

That’s about all for now! As always check out www.smartmarkvideo.com and keep an eye out for new stuff as we’re taking steps to improve your shopping experience, but more on that later!