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Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up” for July 25, 2007 – BoTB? Yup! Credit Cards? Yup!

Hey everyone!
Before I get to our new release we’ve got an announcement to make. When we opened the Smart Mark Video site roughly 7 1/2 years ago we were set up to accept only check and money orders. Not too long later we began accepting payments via PayPal. PayPal was an exciting service that allowed people to pay us directly online via their checking account or credit card. Our success in large part can be attributed to PayPal as it was a lot easier, and indeed a lot quicker, than printing out a order form, filling it out by hand and then mailing it.
While PayPal was a nice service there were still a lot of customers who wanted the ability to pay with their credit card directly. Well we are happy to announce that we have taken that step and now accept all major credit cards! Whether you use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card we are set up to take your order safely and securely! Yup folks, we even got that little lock icon at the bottom of our site during checkout! It gives us the same warm feeling that it gives you. Or not. Either way it’s there, which means we’re secure and stuff!
Now you have three ways you order! In addition to ordering with your credit card you can still order by sending in a check or money order and we still accept PayPal! Ordering has never been easier!
Moving on we’re happy to announce that this years Best of the Best tournament, presented by Combat Zone Wrestling, is now for sale and shipping immediately! A bunch of old faces made their return to the company, including Ricochet, Chuck Taylor, the Human Tornado, B-Boy, Jigsaw and Joker and participated in the tournament along with Ruckus, Cheech, Cloudy, CZW Jr. Heavyweight Champion Scotty Vortekz, Grim Reefer, Sal, Vito & Brandon Thomaselli, and Drake Younger. There was also a hardcore war featuring Toby Klein, Danny Havoc and the Necro Buuuutcha as they face Mitch Ryder, Brain Damage and the future of professional wrestling DJ Hyde!
It’s up right now at www.smartmarkvideo.com for only $20.00! Check it out!
That’ll do it for now my friends. Until next time…