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OWW Spotlight on Tyson Dux!

Tyson Dux is the cornerstone of any and all independent promotions in Ontario. Dux is a 10 year veteran of the squared circle and one of the most natural in ring competitors in North America today. Aside from his work with TNA in the last 2 World X Cup tournaments and the countless amount of Dark matches he has had with WWE, Tyson has become the pivetol independent star of Ontario. He is the foundation of every promotion in Ontario and a pillar in every locker room he competes in.


Dux started his career more then a decade ago out of a school in southern Ontario. He soon debuted as The Muay Thai Kid. Although he was new to the business, his potential was shining bright for all to see. He was soon scouted by Scott D’Amore to be a focus on D’Amore’s Border City Wrestling Show. Soon after Textbook Tyson Dux was born into the business and began to break out of his shell and start climbing the ladder of success in the business. His stock began to rise, and wrestling legend Terry Taylor took notice and began to tutor Dux. Although Taylor wasn’t very forthcoming at first to Dux, he would consistently tell D’Amore how much he would enjoy working with Dux. Tyson went onto dominate almost every independent card in Ontario over the next several years while feuding with men like Jack Damage, Petey Williams, Alex Shelley, Hacker, Derek Wylde and Chris Sabin. All the while he was beginning to get noticed by WWE and began to receive numerous dark matches.


2004 became a breakthrough year for Dux. He had numerous Dark Matches for WWE and TNA. He had been pre-selected to be a participant of the infamous ECWA Super 8 Tournament. However about a month prior to the tournament in the midst of a dark match with a very green Mark Jindrak, Dux was thrown viciously into the turnbuckle and tore his ACL while attempting to pivot out of the uncontrolled throw. He had his surgery and began to contemplate retiring from the business.


After his knee had been rehabilitated Tyson began to train students at D’Amore’s Can Am Wrestling School in Windsor, Ontario. It was here while training with the next generation, that Tyson regained his passion for the business. He soon began to lace up the boots again throughout Ontario’s Indy circuit and reasserted his dominance at the top. He began teaming with long time best friend and former rival El Tornado once again, forming the duo TNT.


For the last 2 years Tyson has competed with TNA as part of the World X Cup tournaments. As part of his first X Cup tournament, Dux recognized a dream of his when he got the opportunity to wrestle the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger on Pay Per View. Today Tyson can be found on nearly every Indy card in Ontario where he is either the heavyweight Champion as is the case in LLW or co-holders of the tag titles as in the case with BSE where he tags with El Tornado. And as an added bonus, almost every time a company in Ontario brings in a big name for a show, reliable Tyson Dux is almost always brought in to wrestle the name.


Over the last 15 years more then 20 superstars have come out of Ontario and made a name for themselves on the global stages of WWE, TNA, WCW and Japan. However it is generally Tyson who is credited as being the best all around talent for in ring ability in Ontario. He is our cornerstone and truly and inspiring wrestler who is truly Textbook when it comes to the sport of Professional Wrestling.


by Matt Garrett