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Kurt Angle 2

WWE officials have had conversations with Kurt Angle, 45, about returning to the sports-entertainment organization, sources within the company told PWInsider. He is currently a free agent as his contract with TNA recently expired.

PWInsider noted that one source claimed that Angle declined a full-time contract from WWE since he feels his body would not be able to handle a full-time touring schedule. Angle is only interested in returning to the company as a part-time wrestler and negotiations are currently ongoing.

Despite his talks with WWE, Angle is also more than open to returning to TNA if they can meet his terms. He feels that Dixie Carter personally and the organization as a whole were of great assistance to him as he dealt with personal matters in recent years.

On August 25, 2006, Angle was released from his WWE contract due to health reasons and he debuted for TNA the following month. Angle stated in the 2008 TNA documentary, Kurt Angle: Champion, that he requested his contract release from WWE because he couldn’t take time off and was working hurt, severely on some occasions.


Of all the guys that could face Rusev, Kurt coming in for that practically writes itself, if they go in that direction