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UIPW News for 14 Nov 2007


~ More information for “END OF DAYS” on December 15th

~ “The High Risk Hero” sustains serious injury

~ UNION schedule for early 2008 announced


Hatred and jealousy boiled over at the UNION’s CE2K7 show, when STEVE CORINO won the UNION Heavyweight title only to be attacked by SEBASTIAN DARK. Now, these two men will face each other one-on-one with championship gold on the line.

The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS returns to Royal Canadian Legion Hall #101 in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday December 15th for “END OF DAYS”, our year-ending event. Doors open at 630pm. Bell time is 7pm.

In addition to the huge grudge match main event between Corino and Dark, The UNION is planning a spectacular card to bring 2007 to a close. The UNION Heavyweight champion will need an official number one contender going into 2008 and “UNION Boss” ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES has decided to hold a 4-man tournament to choose who gets that spot. The first name entered into this “Fight To Be First” mini-tournament is a familiar one for UNION supporters: PEPPER PARKS.

Pepper was forced out of the UNION title tournament at CE2K7 when referee CJ SENSATION was forced to stop his second round match against Steve Corino. Parks had absorbed three massive piledrivers from “Big Rig” BRODIE LEE at the end of their first round fight and Sensation ruled that he was unable to adequately defend himself any longer.

Parks, who recently won the NWA National Heavyweight championship, will now get a second chance at the UNION Heavyweight title if he can win “The Fight To Be First”.

Also, rumors are swirling about a big happening in the UNION’s tag team division and a big announcement is expected in next week’s “SotU” news release.

Tickets are ON SALE NOW in person at the Legion Hall and online via the “UNION SHOP” at www.wrestlersunion.ca . The Legion Hall is located at 3850 Lake Shore Blvd West, midway between Dixie Road and Brown’s Line and directly adjacent to both the Long Branch GO station and the TTC’s Long Branch Loop. The event is open to ALL AGES, but for those 19 and older, the Legion Hall includes a FULLY LICENSED BAR. Fans are reminded to bring valid ID and encouraged to use public transit if they plan to purchase alcohol.


The UNION’s best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Northern Lights Division star RIP IMPACT. Impact, wrestling on an LLWA event in Hamilton, Ontario this past Friday night, suffered both a broken tibia and fibula which required surgical repair over the weekend. Rip will be out of action for a minimum of 3 months and everyone involved in the Union is looking forward to seeing Impact competing again in 2008.

Fans wishing to send along their own best wishes to Rip are encouraged to do so by e-mailing [email protected] and we will forward them to “The High Risk Hero”.


Saturday JANUARY 12th – The 1st Annual NORTHERN LIGHTS CLASSIC

Saturday FEBRUARY 23rd – title to be announced

Saturday MARCH 15th – BEWARE THE IDES!!!

Saturday APRIL 19th – title to be announced

In the tradition of New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors, ECWA’s Super 8 tournament and ECCW’s Pacific Cup, the UNION will hold its first annual cruiserweight tournament, the NORTHERN LIGHTS CLASSIC, this coming January. The UNION is working to make sure that not just the best of our own cruiserweight talent but some of the best cruiserweight talent in the world. More news on the tournament and the talent involved will be released starting next week.

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The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS is an exciting new wrestling promotion based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Union features a diverse mix of homegrown talent (including Eddie Osbourne, Rip Impact and The All-Knighters) and international stars (including Steve Corino, Sterling James Keenan and Ricky Reyes). UIPW maintains partnerships with promotions in Canada and around the world. For more information about THE UNION, please visit our official website at www.wrestlersunion.ca