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~ Results from “BORN AGAIN”

~ First news about the Union’s next event: “STATE OF SHOCK”



The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS returned to the indy wrestling scene Saturday night with its first show in over 3 years.   The UNION, now based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, delighted its fans with a solid show and they responded with cheers, boos, laughs and thunderous applause throughout the night.







PEPPER PARKS and RICKY LANDELL went to a 20 minute draw


The show began with the Head of Fighters Affairs, AUSTIN SHAW, addressing the crowd before being interrupted by “Fabulous” JOHN McCHESNEY.   McChesney informed the crowd that at the original Union’s very last show before ceasing operation, was mad that Shaw had announced online that there would be a title tournament in November.   McChesney said that he had never lost the Union title so he should be recognized as champion.  This bragging brought SEBASTIAN DARK to the ring.   Sebastian informed the new Union fans in Toronto that he was the first-ever Union champion and that if the Union was restarting that HE should be declared champion once again.  The two former champions came close to brawling before Austin Shaw stepped in to say that he would make a match for October between “The Fabulous One” and “The Bastard Son of 1,000 Corpses” and the winner would earn a spot in the November title tournament.

JESSY JONES, who has declared himself “The King of Canada”, looked quite spiffy in his RCMP-inspired red and black outfit, but came up short in his match against rookie ETHAN PAGE.

ROBIN KNIGHTWING stepped off a plane from England and into controversy.  Coming to the building straight from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport after a 7-week tour of the UK, Robin scored a victory over EDDIE OSBOURNE but the referee failed to notice Osbourne’s feet were on the ropes.  The always-outspoken Osbourne has filed a complaint with Austin Shaw in an attempt to get the result overturned and the referee, CJ SENSATION, fired.

Robin’s victory celebration was short-lived however, as the scheduled match between his “ALL-KNIGHTERS” tag partner, KEVIN GRACE, and the 6’9″, 300lb “Motor City Monster” EDDIE VENOM quickly turned into Venom destroying both All-Knighters.   Venom earned the duke by hitting a massive Death Valley Driver on Grace.  After the match, while Knightwing was tending to his partner, Venom returned to the ring and gave Robin a Death Valley Driver on top of Kevin.   Both All-Kinghters had to be carried out of the ring by Union officials.

First-ever Union champion Sebastian Dark backed up his boasting with actions by defeating the veteran REGGIE MARLEY.   John McChesney reappeared, taking the opportunity to scout Dark during his match.

After intermission, fans were treated to what many are calling the “Match of the Night” as “Fabulous” John McChesney defeated EL GENERICO by pinfall.  This was an exiting back and forth match with plenty of high-risk offence by both men and must be seen to be believed.

During the match, Sebastian Dark returned McChesey’s favor by coming to ringside to scout his future opponent. After the match, Dark and McChesney decided that they didn’t need to wait until October 6 th to settle their issue and a brawl ensued that referees and Union officials were forced to break-up.

In a battle that pitted the rising stars of the NWA and AWA against one another, NWA Empire champion PEPPER PARKS and AWA Zero-One Max United States champion RICKY LANDELL went to a 20-minute draw.   Fans who cheered the match, which reached a climax in the final 3 minutes, then booed Landell who asked for a 5-minute overtime but then told the crowd that if they wanted five more minutes they’d have to by a ticket to the next show.

Then, in the main event of the evening, “The King of Old School” STEVE CORINO defeated STERLING JAMES KEENAN.  Keenan was accompanied to ringside by his new valet, a gorgeous redhead woman named CHASE, and by Sebastian Dark.  Keenan has apparently given the group a name: The BDSM (short for BloodDeathSexMagic).   But even with the outside interference of The BDSM, Keenan was unable to score the victory, as Corino used a quick roll-up to score the 3-count.

Corino remained in the ring after the match to address the crowd.  He spoke eloquently about professional wrestling being an art, a science and the greatest sport on Earth and how Canada loves and respects professional wrestling like no other country in the world.  Corino closed by saying that he’s looking forward to the next few months helping re-launch the Union and cap off his career in Canada (Corino has announced that he is retiring this December) by winning the Union Heavyweight title.


The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS returns to Royal Canadian Legion Hall #101 in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday October 6th for “STATE OF SHOCK”.  Doors open at 630pm.  Bell time is 7pm.  The Legion Hall is located at 3850 Lake Shore Blvd West , midway between Dixie Road and Brown’s Line and directly adjacent to both the Long Branch GO station and the TTC’s Long Branch Loop.

Already announced for that show are two big matches.  First, in a no holds barred grudge match, “Fabulous” John McChesney will take on “The Bastard Son of 1,000 Corpses” Sebastian Dark.   The Union’s Head of Fighters Affairs, Austin Shaw, has put a spot in the November Heavyweight title tournament on the line in this match.

And in the main event of the evening, “The Trouble King” returns to Toronto as Steve Corino comes to town to do battle with long-time nemesis RICKY REYES.   Reyes may be best known to fans as a former Ring Of Honor Tag Team champion and member of “THE ROTTWEILERS” stable alongside LOW-KI, HOMICIDE and ROCKY ROMERO.

More big names and more great matches will be announced in the coming days.

Tickets are ON SALE NOW in person at the Legion Hall and online via the “UNION SHOP” at www.wrestlersunion.ca.  The event is open to ALL AGES, but for those 19 and older, the Legion Hall includes a FULLY LICENSED BAR.   Fans are reminded to bring valid ID and encouraged to use public transit if they plan to purchase alcohol.


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Saturday October 6th – STATE OF SHOCK

Saturday November 3rd – CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT 2K7 (featuring the Union World Heavyweight title tournament)

Saturday December 15th – END OF DAYS

The UNION of INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS is an exciting new wrestling promotion based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The Union features a diverse mix of homegrown talent (including Eddie Osbourne, The Hornet and The All-Knighters) and international stars (including Steve Corino, Sterling James Keenan and El Generico).   UIPW maintains partnerships with promotions in Canada and around the world.  For more information about THE UNION, please visit our official website at www.wrestlersunion.ca