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stone-cold-steve-austinThere has been speculation for years that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would come out of retirement and have one more match. At WrestleMania would be the perfect calling card for him to have that one last match. At 48 years of age should he really. Think about this, in 2003 his body was telling him to call it a day and he finally did at WrestleMania 19 against The Rock. Why should he really come out of retirement? It wouldn’t be for the money because we all know he is set.

The Rock was his greatest opponent and at one time it was the hottest feud in wrestling. Those guys headlined three WrestleMania’s. At WrestleMania 15, 17 & 19. That is UN heard of these days and we may never see it again. At all three of those shows it was a different story.

At WrestleMania 17 it was the young and upcoming Rock vs. the established “Rattle Snake”. At WrestleMania 17 it was in the hometown of Austin’s. Stone Cold did the unthinking able by siding with his evil boss in Mr. McMahon and cheating to beat “The Great One” And finally at WrestleMania 19 where that bald headed “SOB” entered to face the Hollywood Rock.

Now everyone knows that he quit the company in 2002 but deep down inside it probably gave him extra time to get to “The Grandest Stage of Them All” one last time. He entered this match and no one except him knew it would be the last time he would wrestle. It would be a great send of for him to go out and do what he does best, “Stomping a Mud Hole” in The Rock. In a great promo The Rock did before which I recommend anyone to look it up on YouTube, “This is the last chapter of the greatest rivalry that this industry as ever seen” That quote speaks to the volume of how important this feud was to both of these guys careers.

Without Steve Austin I can’t say that The Rock’s career would be as successfully as it was. Both guys made each other and it shines in their matches. If the “Rattle Snake” did come back for one more match, who would it be against? Some would say against CM Punk or maybe Triple H. As a huge fan of “Stone Cold’s”, I can say that I hope he stays retired because if he did come out of retirement it wouldn’t be the same Stone Cold out there working a match. It would be more of a shell of what he was.

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— Andy

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