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Kevin Sullivan “YouShoot” Soliciting Questions

The popular and unpredictable shoot interview series, “YouShoot”, has announced their next subject will be Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan has long been a wrestling hot topic, considering his controversial time as WCW booker, his brazen and outspoken nature, his fiendish, devil-like gimmick, and his real life marriage and divorce with Nancy Sullivan.


The series takes wrestling’s more provocative figures and exposes them to an uncensored exchange with the general public, via webcam videos and emails. It’s a recipe that has been very successful according to Kayfabe Commentaries co-owner Sean Oliver.

“Well, who would you want to sit with and have an uncensored, ‘off-the-record’ conversation with in the wrestling business?” Oliver asked. “Would you want the humble, devoted servant of the wrestling business and all of its glorious tradition? Probably not. We have a forum for that reverence and recognition. And YouShoot ain’t it.”

Fans are encouraged to send their videos and emails to Kayfabe Commentaries via a link on the website. The deadline for submissions is January 28th.

“Kevin Sullivan is another perfect choice for ‘YouShoot,’ as he fits the qualifications of the series guests — provocative, fearless, polarizing, and honest to a fault. This will be gold.”

Visit www.KayfabeCommentaries.com to submit your entries.