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Sunset Flip Presents Summerslam 2010 Review


By Jim Boy Star

Summerslam 2010 is in the books. I think there is only one word that describes Summerslam this year. I will tell you right now, that word is not “terrible” nor is that word “great”. Before I go to that one word that describes this year’s WWE Summerslam, let us take a deeper look into the matches.

Intercontinental Title Match

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston
This was a boring match. However, Nexus came in and made the title match a no contest. Usually I would be furious about this. Only because you PAY MONEY to see matches and not no contests. However, in order to be mad about this, I have to care first. Did not care about this match in the first place and hope to not see a rematch in the future. I could see where others said it lowered the status of the Intercontinental championship.

Divas Title Match

Melina vs Alicia Fox
In my opinion, the two worst female wrestlers on the WWE roster. And they did not fail to deliver a bad match. It was expected and anyone that expected more has their expectations too high. After the match, Melina was confronted by Michelle McCool and Layla. Looks like we may have a unification match. This is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is FINALLY, we can get rid of one womens title. There should have never been two titles for women in the first place since they are all, for the most part, terrible wrestlers. The bad thing is to get the title unified we have to watch a match between the two, which should suck to the high heavens.

The Straight Edge Society vs Big Show
Boring match. Predictable ending. Let’s move on.

Miz Promo
most people loved this promo. I had a major problem with this and, what a shock, it comes due to WWE creative. Nexus attacks Ziggler and Kingston earlier in the night despite the fact there are no Smackdown wrestlers on Team WWE (another rant for another time). The Miz comes out and OPENLY states he will be part of Team WWE. More importantly, Miz was by himself. Why was there not at least an attempt to jump an official member of team WWE? Another terrible writing job.

WWE Title Match

Sheamus vs Randy Orton
Pretty decent match. I was pulling Sheamus just because I want WWE to make their titles mean something. Someone needs to hold the title for awhile. Not a great ending I admit but it made sense. Hopefully WWE will stick with their own rules.

World Heavyweight Title Match

Rey Mysterio vs Kane
I am not a huge Mysterio fan but at least he can give good matches. Unlike his opponent Kane, who would definitely make a bottom five list of big man workers. Once again, Mysterio’s spots and quickness made this match watchable. Kane wins. That sucks. But what sucked even more was The Undertaker return. It may have been the worst Undertaker return of all time. So Undertaker admits that it was not Rey Mysterio that attacked him.
This was a perfect example of WWE creative having a “golden storyline” and screwing it up. This was an interesting mystery. It could have been anyone. Instead they are going with Kane vs The Undertaker which should be as interesting watching paint dry. Plus the matches will be awful and as quick as a snail vs a snail. Undertaker is good with the right person. Kane is not that person. In fact, Kane just sucks all together in the ring. Still can’t recall when I saw a good Kane match.

Nexus vs Team WWE
this was probably the best match of the night. However, with the other matches being boring, not sure if that is saying much.

I am happy with the Daniel Bryan return. Not because it is Daniel Bryan. Because it was not that big nosed jerk Triple H. As far as the story goes, I pretty much lost interest in this match after watching Raw because basically it is 7 “superstars” vs 7 “rookies”. I have seen enough rants about “SuperCena” and I will not add to them. The ending was fine, if it means that is the end of Nexus. They lost. Much like Randy Orton getting another title shot, this was another story that should be closed tonight based on the writing.
So what is the one word I would use to describe this pay per view? The word I would use is “boring”. There was not much on this card to be excited about except Daniel Bryan. Even The Undertaker’s return was terrible and boring and that is something I never said or typed before.
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Jim Boy Star

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