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Sunset Flip Presents Ball Dropping


By Jim Boy Star

Many people say the NXT invasion storyline is one of the best ending of Raw in quite some time. I would have to agree. Hell, it is better than mostly anything WWE produces, period. However, anyone that has been watching WWE in the past year or so, knows that when WWE does something remotely exciting to end the show, they drop the ball on it the next week. I want to take this time to go over some ball dropping situations.

MVP: MVP was one of the best things going on Smackdown. Hopefully, now that he is back on Smackdown, he can go back to being good. However, one day, it looked like WWE was going to push MVP. In fact, he got to fight Randy Orton. The crowd gave a good response, it felt fresh, and most important there was no real winner. This would mean that a program between the two could definitely work.
However, WWE quickly had MVP be irrelevant and no longer part of the main event scene. All within a week’s time, MVP went from being something fresh and exciting in the main event picture to, just another wrestler floundering around.
Mark Henry: At some point, Randy Orton was scheduled to fight three mystery opponents in a gauntlet match. The three wrestlers were going to be wrestlers that had come from Smackdown or ECW.
The first person that fought Randy Orton that night was Evan Bourne. As expected, Orton got the win against Evan Bourne.
The next person to come out was Jack Swagger, which was interesting because Swagger was a bad guy like Randy Orton. Swagger heeled out and didn’t even bother fighting Randy Orton. Swagger took the count out win.
The final person to come out was Mark Henry, also a heel. It seemed that he would do the same thing that Swagger did and give Randy Orton the win. However, Mark Henry instead fought Randy Orton and actually beat the, then World Champion, Randy Orton. The crowd was going nuts. Mark Henry was truly over in a big time way as a good guy. Since Orton had already fought Bourne, it could not be seen as a clean win. So therefore, much like with MVP, a program could be put together with the two.
What did Mark Henry do the following week? He fought Cody Rhodes and won…. BY COUNTOUT! How the hell do you take someone with that much momentum and have them beat someone that is primarily known for tag matches, by count out. There was no reason why he couldn’t pin Rhodes. Soon after, Mark Henry went the way of MVP. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s why MVP and Mark Henry were paired up. They should have been called “Team WWE Balldrop”.
Another example I will give is a few weeks ago and the situation with Evan Bourne. Even Bourne teamed with Cena and won a tag team match. One of the best pops I’ve heard recently. Sheamus needs an opponent this past Monday.
So they follow that up with, not having Sheamus vs Evan Bourne and fans pick the stipulation. Then have Evan Bourne win. No way, that would be too logical for them. They had fans vote on just the opponent of Sheamus. Then did a manipulative backstage segment with Kane, the man who hasn’t done anything significant on Raw in the last 3 years. Fans vote Kane, like the WWE wanted, and be prepared for Evan Bourne to go to lower card/mid card status.
Finally, to conclude, I leave you with NXT invasion. Right from the start of the show, they dropped the ball with it. How you may ask? Rather than explain it to you, I’m going to ask you a couple of questions and if you can answer them logically then you’re a better WWE PR person than anyone.
I know Barrett has the right to be on Raw since he won the competition. Why would the rest of the rookies even be allowed in the building, let alone the ring, the following week? Why wasn’t Vince McMahon out for this since it effected the entire roster of WWE? Why would the rookies attack Hart at the end and WAIT for him to give them an answer by Sunday? When NXT guys invaded Raw they came from the crowd. Why would all the Raw guys stand on the ramp knowing the NXT guys have come from the crowd? Why would Sheamus not want Cena out of the main event at the Fatal Fourway PPV? It gives him a better chance if one person can’t make the match. Why did no one even TRY to help Hart?
There’s a couple of others but I’m getting tired of typing.
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