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Sunset Flip Presents
Matt Hardy Options

By Jim Boy Star

This past week, World Wrestling Entertainment has announced that Matt Hardy has been released from the company. This has not come as a surprise to many that followed Matt Hardy and know he has been very vocal about getting out of the company. Whether it is a good move or bad move for WWE, everyone will have a different opinion about it. During this column, I will explore the options for Matt Hardy’s future.

The first obvious choice is for Matt Hardy to go to TNA Wrestling. His brother Jeff Hardy is already there. He has hinted at it. To be honest, I think it is one of the reasons Matt has been trying to get out of his contract. I think he did this because he knew he had a spot waiting for him with TNA Wrestling. Even if it is not right away, eventually he will be there.

Another option for Matt Hardy is Ring of Honor. ROH has been signing people to contracts and they may want a star added to their company for future events. I can definitely see Matt Hardy going over to ROH, the real question is, will ROH actually want Matt Hardy? One thing that both TNA and ROH provide is a lighter work schedule compared to WWE, which may be another reason for Matt Hardy wanting his release.

We have not heard from them recently but another possibility is for Matt Hardy to go to the secretive Milpon Group wrestling promotion. Some are saying the promotion is D.O.A. but I still have hope that the promotion becomes reality is 2011. One has to assume that this promotion would have a light work schedule too but that is not confirmed. Also, not confirmed, is Hardy could be making a huge amount of money if he was the only “star power” they have signed so far.

Some may say that Matt Hardy could be going for MMA training. MMA fights are a huge money maker these days and people that have seen Brock Lesnar may be influenced to try it. Matt Hardy may not be at the best age to start the training, but Batista is doing it and he is definitely not at a great age for this either. While I do think Matt Hardy will stay in a wrestling capacity, there is a small chance he will at least try training for MMA. However, just because you train all the time does not mean you will be great at it.

Clearly, Matt Hardy, thanks to his Youtube account, can keep his name relevant to the world outside of pro wrestling. Hardy can try other non-wrestling projects and I think there is a huge chance in this. What will he do exactly? I’m not sure. He has many options. He could join a band. He can write a script to a movie and try to sell that. He could even do something as simple as driving traffic to his videos and somehow make a profit off of that. The sky is the limit for Matt Hardy, it is just a matter of time how badly he wants his outside project to succeed.

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Jim Boy Star

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