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Sunset Flip Presents
“Old School”

By Jim Boy Star

Next week, WWE Raw will presents a three hour Raw special called Old School, which is exactly as it sounds. This particular Raw episode will be a throw back. There are some legends that have already been announced, but in a whole there are a few things that I would like to see WWE do, some of which they are already doing.

First, I would like them to have an old set. It would have been great if they could actually have put this show in the Manhatten Center but this is not to be. However, there are rumors that there will be no titantron and production is being kept to a minimum. This is a great way to give the Old School night an Old School feel to it.

Secondly, load up the legends. Get anyone that you can to be a part of this show. Everyone from Hacksaw Jim Duggan to Papa Shango should get contacted for a cameo or even a match on this show. The only problem I have is that it has not been made clear if this is “old school” Raw or “old school” in general. In other words, if it is old school Raw the only people that should make an appearance is anyone that has been a part of Raw. For example, Demolition have never been on Raw, therefore they should not appear at all. However, if it is just a general old school show, anyone can be invited.

Thirdly, bring in old school announcers. Since it will be a three hour Raw, have three different announce teams. I especially want to hear Vince McMahon on headset with Jerry Lawler. There is no way Michael Cole should announce all night. He is the “new” voice of Raw and would not fit this show. If it was a tribute to Smackdown, then yes Cole should absolutely be a part of it. For all you Jim Ross fans (myself included), it would be a real shame if Ross did not announce at all on Raw. It makes sense and he fits the old school feel. Then again, the fact it makes sense definitely is not one of Raw’s strong points in the past years.

The next two situations have next to zero chance of happening but I will list them anyway. This show should attract the older fans and introduce newer fans to the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. With this in mind, we should have an opposite feel to the show. Book matches with the older guys and the newer guys do cameos. Would we get great match quality? Probably not, but we would get nostalgia.

The final move I would like to see happen is for one night, only one night, the current WWE creative team would take a backseat and WWE hires the old creative team (of any generation) to book this show. It would be guaranteed to be better than any episode of Raw in 2010.

I realize that the last two situations have no real chance of happening, but in a world where WWE messes up everything golden put in front of them, a fan can dream. Personally, I would be impressed if WWE got half of this show right. There are lots of cools things to look forward to for this old school Raw so ultimately my prediction is only half of it will suck, which is more than I can say about last week’s show where the only good thing was the Vince McMahon segment.

At the very least I won’t have to hear that crappy Nickelback Raw Theme Song.

Check out this week’s edition of the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show at sunsetflipwrestling.podomatic.com