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Sunset Flip Presents: Survivor Series

It is that time of the week again. Another week, another edition of Sunset Flip Presents. I’m Jim Boy Star and I hope everyone had a great Halloween.

This week, I will take a look at Survivor Series. Not the current card of this year’s Survivor Series, but the event as a whole.

Survivor Series was a concept heavily influenced by elimination tag team matches. However, in recent times, the tag matches do not seem to be a focus.

I am going to be honest with everyone. I am not “IN LOVE” with the tag team elimination concept but I understand most people are. I certainly don’t hate the concept and also realize that it makes the PPV that much more unique compared to the other 12+ PPVs a year.

One of my favorite Survivor Series ideas was apparently what was originally scheduled for Bragging Rights. It was supposed to be matches throughout the night, where the winners of the matches would be added in the big Raw vs Smackdown tag team match. I liked this idea. Instead, we just got a 7 on 7 non elimination tag team match with no qualifiers.

That is right, we did not get that cool idea, instead we got a 60 minute Ironman match that I must say, anyone, under that format, could pull that off. But that’s another story for another column, maybe even next week’s column.

Another idea that was used in the past was the Wildcard match. This is a survivor series match, but “randomly” put people together. It was only done once before and although one guess would the reason it only happened one time is because it was terrible, I would like to see it happen.

We already have two triple threat matches for the WWE Title and World Heavyweight Championships. Some have said, to keep with the Survivor Series theme, they should make it elimination. While I’m not against it, I’m not really for it either. I feel that if they do that there may not be any elimination matches. In WWE’s mind, they keep with the Survivor Series theme by doing this and are not required to do anything else. And for those that say I am wrong, WWE has been making terrible decisions across the board and this would actually make WWE consistent.

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Have a great week


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