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While the Professional Bowler’s Association (PBA) hasn’t a clue what to make of Vin Gerard’s Bowling Challenge, they certainly aren’t ignoring the publicity he’s bringing to their sport.

PBA recently launched a contest in which fans submit t-shirt designs for an upcoming PBA merchandise release. Of the 3 finalists is a t-shirt featuring Vin Gerard’s likeness and the shirt has already received a tremendous amount of support. You can vote for the t-shirt at the below link.


Vin Gerard, known primarily for his work in East coast based independent group Chikara, had made remarks via Twitter (@vingerard) at the Professional Bowler’s Association (@pbatour) claiming that he could beat anyone in the PBA in a 3-game scratch series and wagered his hair in the matchup. He even produced a wrestling style promo posted on YouTube. He has made claims to have beaten Espy Award Winner Jason Belmonte and will now be traveling to Las Vegas, NV to compete in the World Series of Bowling.

Gerard has recently taken a leave from professional wrestling to begin a mobile app for nightlife called “SnipStamp”. The app is expected to launch later this month and is looking for testers for both Android and iPhone.

To contact Vin Gerard, please message him via Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vingerard.