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Sunset Flip Presents: Tag Team Elements

By Jim Boy Star

Welcome everyone, my name is Jim Boy Star, the host and producer of a weekly radio show named “The Sunset Flip Wrestling Show” and I am happy to be here on Online World of Wrestling doing a weekly column and I hope you enjoy reading it as well.

When I think of current tag team wrestling in World Wrestling Entertainment, I tend to laugh out loud. The current division is abysmal and that is putting it nicely.

But what makes two wrestlers feel like a tag team?

There are characteristics that the Legion of Doom, Team 3D, Hart Foundation, and many others had that made them a real tag team, as opposed to two people thrown together because creative could not think of anything else for them to do. Some of these characteristics include:

1. Brother teams: I always liked the brother teams. Matt and Jeff, Rick and Scott, Bo and Blake. Brother teams are great because you feel they know each other very well because they grew up together. Therefore, the audience feels the instant chemistry between them.

2. Theme Music: It just does not feel right to come out separately. Theme music is another key to making them feel like a tag team.. Names that come to mind include the Legion of Doom, New Age Outlaws, and the Fabulous Freebirds. It should also be noted that there are many cases of singles wrestlers just combining their two songs to make one theme song. Usually they are not effective and should not count as team theme music.

3. Attire: Matching tights. This made me feel the teams were in synch with each other. The Rockers, The Outsiders, and The Rock and Roll Express just to name a few. When you throw a team together such as Triple H and John Cena, you don’t get that feel that they are a real team.

4. Team Moves/Finishers: The term is “tag team”, This means you have an opportunity to create new and exciting moves. I always liked team moves or finishers that you need two people to do the move. Some finishers that I’ve always liked include the Doomsday Device, Hart Foundation, and The Bushwhackers.

Most teams do not have all of the previous mentioned characteristics, they have only some. In some cases, there are teams that just have chemistry for no real reason such as Miz and Morrison and The New Age Outlaws. Eventually they work together so well that you have trouble seeing one in singles action because you are used to them being in tag team matches.

A couple months ago Chris Jericho did a promo where he said himself and The Big Show were great tag team champions because Big Show had power, Jericho had speed, they held many World titles, etc. In his whole promo there was one key word that was missing and that word is “teamwork”. Of all the reason he listed the word “team” was not mentioned as a key factor to why they were champions. I miss those days.

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