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Huntington Beach, Ca – Mark April 13 on your calendar and make sure you tune into MavTV for the LIVE return to the cage of David “TANK” Abbott, the world’s most famous cage fighter, in a world championship match against Reuben “Warpath” Villereal at Gold Country Casino in Northern California for the King of the Cage Superfight title!

“Tank Abbott basically built the sport of MMA and brought it into the mainstream when he started fighting in the mid-90s,” says King of the Cage owner Terry Trebilcock Jr. “There is no true MMA fan in the world who doesn’t know who Tank Abbott is and we’re thrilled that he has picked King of the Cage to resume his fighting career when he could have fought in any event in the world.”

Tank Abbott’s career spans the history of MMA and he recently took a few years off to write a 300,000 word trilogy about the origins of cage fighting entitled “Befor There Were Rules” with the first novel, “Bar Brawler”, now available for purchase as a paperback or digital download from Amazon.com. With the books finished, Tank, just in his mid-forties, decided to get back to his roots as he prepares “Street Warrior” and “Cage Fighter”, the final two novels in the trilogy, for release later this year.

“King of the Cage represents the passion and excitement of what MMA is really about,” says Tank. “It’s great to be fighting on MavTV and to re-connect with the true fans of the sport. It’s why I spent six years writing my three books and why I’m getting back into the cage now. Life is about defying the odds and overcoming all obstacles to follow your passion and pursue your dreams and that is what my books are about. Plus it’s always nice to beat someone up with having to worry about going to jail. A true warrior never puts down his sword – or his drink.”

Tank Abbott’s return to the cage is an important milestone for King of the Cage, which recently signed a multi-year deal that includes a new event broadcasted each week with MavTV. All events, also being broadcasts in Spanish on Mundo Azteca TV as well. For more information on King of the Cage, main sponsor Magnaflow, MavTV, or on Tank Abbott’s upcoming fight against Reuben “Warpath” Villereal broadcast LIVE visit www.kingofthecage.com or www.mavtv.com.