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Japan tagTencozy takes the NWA tag team titles from Irongodz in Japan on Sunday, April 6, 2014!

One year after the NWA landed in Japan at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s “Invasion Attack 2013,” at which then-NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Ironman” Rob Conway successfully defended the title against Satoshi Kojima, and thus began a battle for dominance between the two storied promotions, New Japan seems to have the upper hand.

After “Invasion Attack 2014” at Ryogoku Sumo Arena in Tokyo, not only does Kojima have the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, which he won from Conway on January 4 at “Wrestle Kingdom 8” at the Tokyo Dome, but now Kojima and his partner, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, have defeated Conway and Jax Dane for the NWA World Tag Team Championships.

Conway and Dane had been champions since October 9, 2013, when they won the titles at New Japan’s “Power Struggle” event in Osaka in a triple threat, two-fall, double-title match for both the NWA and IWGP tag team titles involving Kojima and Tenzan, who are five-time IWGP tag titleholders, and the team of Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith, Jr.

The Irongodz are scheduled to compete in more NJPW matches on April 11 and 13 when New Japan tours Taiwan.