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Rock 3

Source:  WrestlingNewsSource.com

A PWTorch.com Exclusive reveals that despite this WrestleMania season being The Rock‘s third there is still a lot of backstage resentment toward him returning. The feeling among some is that Rock is using his WWE Championship run as a marketing tool for his movie career however, from a business perspective the exposure WWE will get in others mainstream markets through The Rock is invaluable hence why putting the WWE Title on Rock is mutually beneficial.

Furthermore, at the Royal Rumble, there was some resentment toward Rock because some felt he was not in shape for his match against CM Punk and showed clear signs of ring rust as he did not spring off the ropes as much as he use to which has now put pressure on Rock to come back stronger at the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Some wrestlers also have issues with the how muscular Rock returned a look that that they are not allowed to achieve now because of the schedule or how WWE approaches their careers.

In terms of how The Rock deals with the bad atmosphere regarding his return he simply he doesn’t for the most part although he does feel scrutinized and during his Royal Rumble pre-match promo he said ‘How do you like that everyone who doubts me?’ which some have slated as arrogance as it come across as if Rock was telling people ‘Don’t forget that I can do that. Now, you step up and do it.’

Rock reportedly isolates himself backstage because of the way he has been treated and it allows him to attend to other business affairs. However, there are also stories of how Rock offers advise to the younger talent backstage so there is a mixed view on how he interacts away from the ring.

The overall, the consensus among the some talent backstage is that Rock returned not for the wrestlers but for the love of enjoying the live-crowd interaction and having a rich family tradition in the wrestling business with a bond and loyalty to Vince McMahon.