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Terry Funk
Terry Funk IYH Interview Recap
by Neal Jones

Terry Funk was the guest on In Your Head Wrestling Online Radio hosted by Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards. Listen live every Wednesday 8:00-10:00 PM EST at http://www.inyourheadonline.com and check out our full FREE archive section with over 3 years of archived interviews.

Terry Funk is welcomed back to IYH for his 3rd appearance and dubs himself the Filthy Funker for the evening.

“Big” Dave Wills of “It’s still real to me damn it” youtube fame calls in and brings up the deaths in wrestling and what can be done to prevent them. Terry says there should be an ending to it, and believes the use of drugs primarily steroids is the main cause. Terry says sports in general are riddled with steroids right down the high school level. Terry says it’s up to the commanders of the ship, Vince McMahon in wrestling. Terry believes it could be cleaned up by stiff penalties for being caught. Terry says wrestlers and athletes use drugs to participate in the sports they love, if you that would be taken away from you if you use steroids it would stop a lot of the use. Terry believes most of the deaths are related to steroids even if not 100% directly.

Jack brings up some former guests who claim steroids are good for wrestling because you need big guys. Terry says that is utterly ludicrous. Terry talks about his experiments with steroids when they were legal in college, they didn’t work for him and he stopped using them. He knew many people who got a tremendous response from them. Terry asks if he would use them if they let him partake in wrestling today, and he says damn will he would. Terry says young men don’t think about the long term effects, if someone tells you this will take 20 years off your life you don’t think of it if it helps you participate in your dream. Terry says he is by no means an angel and to do as he says not as he does.

Terry talks about some wrestlers he looks up to as in ring performers like Johnny Valentine, Eddie Graham and Iron Mike Dibiase. Terry says those were the tough days when you had to carry a territory on your own.

Jack mentions the Fallen Heroes Battle Royal that will take place at XPW Cold Day in Hell to honor the fallen wrestling stars. Terry will be at this show as a special referee for the Sabu & Homeless Jimmy vs. Raven and White Trash Johnny Webb match. Terry says he will be happy to be there, and will also be a part of the Fan Fest before the card where fans can meet the stars and get photos and autographs. Terry says he respects the independent way of life and really respects Sabu and Raven. Terry and Jack talk about the Miss Xtreme contest and considers participating in the event if there is a good prize, until he realizes it’s the Miss Xtreme and not Missing Scream.

XPW Cold Day In Hell
Saturday Night, May 24 2008
Aviation Park
Redondo Beach, CA


Caller Michael asks The Funker about Slamboree 2000 where Terry wrestled Norman Smiley and Ralphus. Terry said he went down to WCW to have a good time at the time, he wasn’t there very long.

Jack asks if Terry got along with Vince Russo. Terry simply says “no…no, no no no”.

Terry talks about his match with Sabu at Go Funkyourself for XPW. Terry says it was a crazy match and every time he’s in the ring with him he raises the bar because he has such respect for Sabu. He says the same thing about Cactus Jack. Terry says hardcore doesn’t mean just crazy moves, it’s a physical form of wrestling. Terry puts Mick over as s guy who could take a lot of punishment. Terry says Mick doesn’t land on his head he lands on his ass where he has more padding. Terry says he really respects Cactus, Sabu and others in the business. Terry says people not realize Cactus Jack is the cheapest man in the world, he’ll bum a meal off anyone. Terry has seen Cactus take people clothes out of the dryer to save a quarter.

Jack mentions Cactus’s 3rd book and his planned angle for Terry to bite a chunk of Vince’s ass out. Terry can’t think of why they didn’t do that angle, he would have absolutely loved it. Jack asks if Terry thinks WWE wanted the 2nd ECW ONS PPV to fail. Terry says a lot of people did, but it was so much of a success they brought ECW back…then killed it. Terry says WWE milked what life was left in ECW and then starved it to death. Terry doesn’t believe ECW was brought into being the right way. He believes it should have been left alone and then years later bring ECW and WWE together, that would have brought in some business. Terry thinks letting the bookers/writers have their own show and actually compete to se who can do better ratings would work. Terry believes ECW is more defunct now than it was ever before.

The IYH crew bring up Mike Adamle as the new voice of ECW, Terry asks how is he doing. Barbie mentions they made an angle out of how bad he is. Terry says they could have paid him or Barbie to do a bad job.

Caller Jason asks if Terry would ever do color commentary again, Terry remembers being Tuxedo Terry. Terry said he wouldn’t want to do it again, but he’d like to have control over something and be his own boss. Terry brings up http://www.funkudvd.com where fans can join the Funk U DVD Club and get 5 free DVD’s plus 1 new release every month at half price. Terry wants to eventually commentate over the DVD’s. Terry is really looking to having fun with the DVD’s and more things with Big Vision Entertainment.


Jason also asks if Terry could see the territories make a come back. Terry says he is going up to Minneapolis, and there is a small territory there that is successful. Terry says you can never fight Vince McMahon because the costs would be astronomical in this day and age. You can run some small shows in a territory and be successful on a smaller local avenue. Terry says don’t put all your money into something, it won’t make it. WWE has gotten so big they can’t even bother to squash the little guys. It is a perfect time for the little guys to emerge and be around and make a profit just enver to the level of WWE.

Terry talks about the Ultimate Fights, and shoot fights. He enjoys watching it and they are doing big business. The Funker says MMA shouldn’t try to be like wrestling because it will hurt them quicker than anything.

Caller Spec asks about WCW in 1989. Terry talks about working with Ric Flair for the title and calling him a banana nose and an emaciated Barbara Bush. Terry says at the time he really wanted to have one last big run, he thinks he was physically in his best shape of his life until he had a bad injury. Terry says it was a very chaotic mess with Jim Herd, Eddie Gilbert and Kevin Sullivan on the booking committee. Terry says he and Ric produced some great stuff and it was a fun time. He also made good money.

Terry says he did not watch Ric Flair’s retirement. It would be like watching another plumber fix a toilet if Terry was a plumber. He doesn’t want to see someone fix a toilet better than himself or do a lousy job fixing a toilet.

Jack asks if Terry’s match with Dreamer vs. Cactus and Edge is his last high priority match will he be happy with it. Terry says he is never totally happy with a match but it was a damn good match. Terry had one knee replaced and planning on getting the other replaced so he believes it will be his last match. Terry loves wrestling but now in his life his priorities are sitting in a chair, breaking wind, drinking a 6 pack and being with his family.

Incher asks about Terry’s screen credit as stunt coordinator in Rocky V. Terry says Sylvester Stallone got pissed at the one he had and fired him, then hired Terry. Terry says Sylvester did most of the work himself.

Jack brings up a marketing idea for Terry to sell Double Cross Ranch BBQ steak branding irons. Terry says that’s a helluva idea, he can imagine little kids heating them up in the oven and branding their 6 year old sisters.

Incher asks about working with Patrick Swayze in Road House. Terry says he was a great guy, a lot of fun.

Barbie asks if he could borrow some cash from The Funker. Terry doesn’t know about that.

Barbie asks about Terry’s title victory over Raven at the first ECW PPV. Terry says it was great, it was a heck of a night with his family there and such a big night for ECW. Terry says every night was a big night working for ECW. Terry says it was one his most memorable night. Jack brings up Terry being the special ref for the Homeless Jimmy & Sabu vs. Raven & Johnny Webb Match at the XPW Cold Day In Hell this Saturday Night, May 24 2008, at the Aviation Park in Redondo Beach, CA, for more information please visit http://www.thexpw.com

Jack brings up the return of the Gangstas at the XPW Cold Day in Hell show. Jack asks if he thought the music playing during their matches was innovative. Terry says anything New Jack does is innovative, kaleidoscopically dynamic.

Calls Katz asks if Terry will be at the Cauliflower Alley Club show in Vegas this year. Terry says he will be there for sure, JJ Dillon will be the master of ceremonies and they will be honoring Pat Patterson. The Funker will be selling shirts, books and more. The Funker recognizes the caller as a friend of his, and they talk about their respective families.

Caller Bill form Pennsylvania asks about some magazine from the 70’s and says it’s an honor to talk to Terry. Terry talks about some of the class acts of wrestling such as his father Dory Sr and Eddie Graham. Terry says Florida still holds up, and brings up Gordon Solie. The caller’s dog starts barking, and Terry and Jack talk about their love of dogs.

Jack asks The Funker about his music that Jimmy Hart produced for him in Japan. Terry says it was some God awful music, he remembers one was called “I Hate School”. Here was a 42 year old Terry singing about hating high school. Jack asks Terry to sing us some verses, Terry starts then says IYH is trying to ruin him and kill his image.

Caller Carol brings up he is related to Jackie Crockett and brings up Dusty Rhodes. Terry says Dusty is a fat no good egg sucking dog. Terry says Jackie is a good guy, one of the only sane people in the NWA. Carol and Terry put over www.inyourheadonline.com as a place where people can hear from wrestlers of the past who were big parts of your life.

Terry talks some about Gary Hart, and how he and many of the wrestlers appreciate being remembered fondly by the fans. Terry also puts over #1 Paul Jones.

Terry says the only wrestling he does now is with his wife. Jack asks if we will ever get to see that on PPV or perhaps at www.funkudvd.com The Funker says he was thinking about that.

Terry talks about the recent passing of Penny Banner and Leo Garibaldi.

Caller Brian mentions the Ringer, and asks who was better to work with Sly or Swayze. Terry says both were great. Terry says the shoot was 17 weeks with Swayze and he got paid weekly so he liked it better. Terry puts Stallone over as a very creative guy, and thinks he doesn’t get enough credit. Brian asks if wrestlers are ever worried about diseases spreading when both guys bleed. Terry says at the time there wasn’t testing for a lot of things, now testing has progressed. Terry says when he first started he doesn’t think they ever cleaned the rings and you showered with a hose. Now things are much better in that area. Terry says he normally just poured some alcohol in his wounds and forgot em.

Terry talks about his famous barbed wire match with Sabu where he had to be cut out. Terry remembers Sabu having his bicep cut wide open and supergluging it and taping it shut. Terry doesn’t think Sabu ever had a stitch in his life, he’d just superglue giant gashes. Terry thought that was a good idea and he started doing it. Jack asked if Terry was scared when he was caught in the barbed wire. Terry doesn’t think he was ever scared but he was definitely concerned.

Jack asks what Terry thought of Austin Idol. Terry knew him before he got into wrestling, he got in through Eddie Graham. He believes Austin was a tremendous talent.

Caller Santo asks if Terry ever had a chance to work in Mid South for Bill Watts. Terry says absolutely, they used to call Watts Tulsa Tubby. Terry worked for him and against him. Terry says Watts learned from Eddie Graham who learned from Terry’s father.

Santo and Terry agree that Paradise Alley was the best wrestling movie ever made. Terry thinks it would have done great box office if it was put out later.

Jack asks if Terry has seen anything about Heart of the Giant the Andre the Giant story. Terry asks why the hell is his character in the movie, and who put out this movie. Terry asks if it is a $30 million budget, Jack says more like $30.

Terry’s mom calls in, and the IYH Crew feels like heels because they keep him from his mom.

Caller asks if Terry thought he’d continue in WWE after ONS. Terry says he thought what am I doing working for Vince again. Vince says he was very happy with the show, but he wasn’t looking for a contract.

Terry says he had a lot of fun on the show and would come back anytime. He encourages all the fans to go to XPW Cold Day In Hell and to join the Funk U DVD club.
XPW Cold Day In Hell
Saturday Night, May 24 2008
Aviation Park
Redondo Beach, CA

Funk U DVD Club

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