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Rated O Radio – Episode 46 (10/01/2008)


transcribed by: Andrew Gray

The show starts off with Dan-e-o saying he’s been keeping busy with Tha O Show music, having already released four entrance themes, with six or seven more in production. So be on the lookout for more music from Tha O Show! Big Daddy Donnie mentions that one of last week’s in-studio guests, Ash, generated the most hate mail in Rated O Radio history. Donnie thinks Ash has so much heat because of his reputation for having a big mouth – and wrestling locker room gossip travels just as fast as Degrassi Jr. High gossip, or any high school gossip for that matter.

Segment # 1 – Tha O’s and No’s

This week, Dan-e-o O’s for the return of American Gladiators. He even goes as far as saying he wishes he were a contestant on the show and challenges Donnie to a face-off in the Eliminator! Donnie wasn’t as impressed with the show, saying that Hulk Hogan‘s performances thus far have sucked, along with whoever’s producing the show: it looks like the Hulkster’s reading off cue-cards. Dan-e-o also No’s for this week’s episode of Raw, the true 15th anniversary of the show, calling it “sports-entertainment at its worst,” citing the pillow fight and Charlie Haas’ mask gimmick as examples. Donnie, though, thinks that if done correctly, the mask gimmick has the potential to be the “best mid-card gimmick since Hurricane Helms.” Next, Dan-e-o O’s for the (apparently nameless) “new, hot Asian ass on Smackdown!” Dan-e-o’s final O is for the tag team of Big Daddy V and Mark Henry, saying they are better together as a monster tag team instead of getting lost in the shuffle in singles competition.

This week, Donnie O’s for Awesome Kong and Gail Kim‘s match at Final Resolution, calling it the best match of the past week, and crediting the ladies as being the best two women workers in North America. He also No’s for the rest of Sunday’s PPV, and TNA’s collective creative committee, as Awesome Kong and Gail Kim got themselves over in spite of the clueless writers. Donnie’s next O is for JBL – he goes as far as saying that he’d O for JBL even if he came out wearing “Rikishi’s gimmicks, with tits the size of a fat-ass whore from a strip club in Whitby, Ontario.” He credits JBL for not resting on his laurels as the longest-reigning champion on Smackdown and is generating legitimate heat in his feud with Chris Jericho. Donnie also NO’s for Tomko and Abyss. In Tomko’s case, Donnie wonders who cares who he sides with because they’re all heels! As for Abyss, he No’s for the revelation that James Mitchell is Abyss’ father, saying “This is a re-run! I’ve seen this fucking movie! This is Kane and Undertaker done badly.” Donnie’s final O goes to . . . Tha O Show, for garnering audiowrestling.com’s 2007 Top New Program of the Year Award! (without begging for votes) Tha O Show will be making an acceptance speech at the awards show.

~ Commercial Break~

Segment #2 – “The Pit Stop” with Notorious T.I.D.

The Notorious One is his usual controversial self on this week’s segment, starting off by questioning whether Kimbo Slice’s upcoming fight with Tank Abbott is the proper next step to be taking in order to be recognized as a legitimate fighter. Abbott hasn’t trained or fought in quite some time, let alone win an MMA fight. T.I.D. asks, “Who’s he [Kimbo] gonna fight next . . . Butterbean?” T.I.D. also brings up the recent war of words between Ken Shamrock and Kurt Angle. Shamrock has criticized Angle for backing out of their fight, but Angle has countered by saying that 3 months isn’t enough time for him to train. Donnie thinks that Kurt was just posturing for a better deal with TNA, and never intended to fight in the IFL. T.I.D. thinks Angle is turning into the typical pro wrestler, drug problems and all: he’s going to “turn out like Greg Valentine if he’s not careful,” or even Jake Roberts! Donnie and T.I.D. propose a gimmick where the WWE invades TNA, exposing their drug users and partiers, like Angle and the former New Age Outlaws. Next, T.I.D. mentions that the upcoming BJ Penn-Joe Stevenson fight will be fantastic, with two fighters at the top of their game, and says Stevenson has a better chance than most people (including Donnie) are giving him credit for. T.I.D. also mentions that Frank Mir has been saying that he will be submitting Brock Lesnar in his debut match at the February UFC PPV. When Fatty Fronte suggests that, if Lesnar wins, his next opponent should be Bob Sapp, T.I.D. responds by saying that match would “be like watching Fatty try to pick up a chick . . . it’s an abortion!” He adds that Fatty “can’t even pick up his shoes.” When asked who could be the next cross-over star from pro wrestling to try MMA, T.I.D. says that Santino Marella has the MMA training, but couldn’t draw, and that Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Randy Orton might be able to draw, but that ultimately most pro wrestlers would find no success in the MMA world. “The Pit Stop” ends with just one of the many scoops from this week’s episode. T.I.D. says that he might be getting the MMA bug again, so stay tuned to the Tha O Show in the coming weeks for a possible announcement!

~Commercial Break~

Segment #3 – Road Stories

This week’s guest is from Canada’s west coast, ECCW star Sid Sylum, making his debut on Tha O Show. His road story is about one of Tony Condello’s infamous Northern Hell tours in Northern Manitoba. Sylum starts by saying that 10 hours into the trip, while driving over a FROZEN LAKE, the driver thinks that it would be a good idea to try steering the car with his cock! After twenty minutes, the car begins to fishtail, then does a 360 into a 5-foot snowbank, causing luggage from the top of the vehicle to fall onto the ice. Sylum tells the rookies to clean up the bags, which means they had to go out onto the same ice “that Rhino cried on!” Then, the driver decides to pull a rib on the rookies by driving away, and one of the rooks gets dragged on the ice while trying to hold on to the side of the car, before landing on the top of his head. From now on, Sylum says, the driver is using his hands! Sylum’s appearance ends with him telling Tha O Show that he can hook them up with anything they want from the west coast, including getting Fatty laid! (but probably not)

Next, Donnie announces two new inductees into Tha O Show’s Hall O’ Fame, wrestling’s only kayfabe free hall of fame, with no ass-kissers! Only the workers that deserve to be in make the cut. To be placed alongside previous inductees (Owen Hart; “Macho Man” Randy Savage; Bruno Sammartino; and the Dynamite Kid), Antonio Inoki and Bruiser Brody are the two newest inductees! Inoki received the most first-place votes (as voted by a panel of wrestlers and wrestling journalists), and he was an innovator with undeniable contributions to the wrestling business. And as Donnie says, Bruiser Brody was “hardcore before they knew what to call it” and was one of the most feared wrestlers of all-time. Check out ThaOShow.com for more information on the two newest inductees into Tha O Show’s Hall O’ Fame!

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Segment #4

Donnie mentions that Tha O Show has added a new contributor to the site after posting that Tha O Show was seeking talented, new writers. The newest contributor to ThaOShow.com is Andrew Gray. Also, as part of the submission process, O-sters were asked to submit Fatty Fronte jokes, and here are the best ones, courtesy of O-ster Dante Ross:

– “Fatty’s tits. The other white meat.”

– “The real reason he likes the name Fatty: it takes less time to say F’n Frank Fronte, thus giving him more time to eat.”

– “Fatty chugs McNuggets like Tic Tacs.”

– “Global Warming? Nope. Fatty in heat.”

– “Abdullah the Butcher’s wardrobe, inspired by Fatty, perfected by Big Daddy V.”

– “The two leading causes of wrestling deaths: drugs and watching Fatty eat.”

Donnie says that the O-sters should still submit their work (including more Fatty jokes) to [email protected].

Donnie and Dan-e-o begin discussing JBL’s replacement as Smackdown color commentator, Jonathan Cuntman, er, Jonathan Coachman. Donnie says he’s too bland and that they should have replaced JBL with a former wrestler, a la Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan, Tazz, and others, in order to explain the wrestlers’ strategies in the match and to get inside the wrestlers’ heads. Donnie also says that the WWE should have tried to develop a new voice for Smackdown, and some of the suggestions were Al Snow, Dusty Rhodes and Michael Hayes (not Dok Hendix!). Dan-e-o mentions that Booker T would be a good color commentator when his career as a wrestler is over, which leads Donnie to mention that Booker’s run in TNA thus far has been “flat.” And both agree that Sharmell just isn’t the same. Donnie suggests that she’s missing the WWE make-up lady, and Dan-e-o says she has moved from an 8 on Dan-e-o’s scale of Hot Bitches to a 6 or a 7.

~Commercial Break~

Segment #5 – Tha Round Table

This week’s guest, making his debut on Tha O Show, is Ontario Indy sensation, GT Dynamite, a.k.a. George Terzis. Dan-e-o mentions that you’ve got to give props to Dynamite, as his good friend, WWE Superstar Santino Marella, attended a LLW show in November just to see Dynamites’ hardcore rules match with Reggie Marley. Dynamite says that Santino is great on the mic, but he hasn’t been given a chance to show what he can truly accomplish in the ring yet in the WWE, so critics of Santino’s in-ring work need to patient and not pass judgment too soon. Dynamite promises, “The guy can wrestle,” citing Santino’s work in OVW. Donnie adds that Santino may have an impressive physique, “but he’s no George Terzis.” After Donnie mentions that Dynamite was really close to getting the call to the WWE after spending time training in OVW, GT credits a broken leg and a dislocated ankle for preventing him from getting the call. In fact, GT Dynamite was so close to making it to “the show” that he actually wrestled on Velocity in Ken Anderson’s first match as Mr. Kennedy at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Originally, GT was supposed to be in a vignette with Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade, when agent Tony Garera told him they wanted to put him in a match with Mr. Kennedy. GT said it was “a dream come true” to wrestle in his hometown of Toronto. The fans even chanted “George! George! George!” during his comeback in the match, which is impressive considering GT Dynamite had no television exposure prior to the match. When Donnie brings up an article recently posted on ThaOShow.com titled, “Randy Orton: Leader or Loud Mouth?” concerning an interview Orton did criticizing the over-40 club in the WWE for not being able to cut it in the ring with the young guys anymore, Dan-e-o says he smells a work. GT defends Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, and especially Kane, calling him a gentleman and praising him for not playing politics in the back while still maintaining a good spot in the company. GT also adds that Orton has “a bright future. What’s your problem?” GT also agrees with Donnie that Ric Flair‘s retirement gimmick would be much better with Flair as a heel, playing up that he is still the dirtiest player in the game. To contact GT Dynamite for bookings, email [email protected].

This week’s episode ends with the debut of “Impact” Eddie Osbourne’s new theme music, courtesy of Tha O Show music!

Tune in next week to ThaOShow.com for another episode of Rated O Radio!