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It is a very rare thing to be able to tangibly witness the genesis of any major shift in a culture. More often than not, it is only well after the change has become well established does the population, or Universe as it may be, realize what has actually transpired.

However, thanks to a collective group of fearless females who are determined to protect their house, the culture of WWE’s Divas division has not only completely transformed, but the WWE Universe has been able to witness and be part of this revolution as it has grown and evolved. So, here now are the 10 greatest matches in the history of the Divas division as according to WWE.com, presented by Hulu.

Oh, and possibly the purest piece of positive proof that this metamorphosis has happened before our eyes — only one match on this list occurred before 2013. Now that’s boss.

#10 Paige vs. Emma – NXT Women’s Championship Match; NXT: ArRival

From the moment Paige and Emma walked through the curtain on the evening of NXT ArRival it was clear the audience’s desire for cat fights and pudding fights were firmly a thing of the past. In their place now was yearning for the hard-hitting style of NXT’s Anti-Diva queen-pin and Emma’s unique blend of quirky offense and pure wrestling. No pyro or ballyhoo was needed, just fists.

The contest delivered, with the two warrior-women absolutely pummeling one another into literal submission, drawing “This is awesome” chants from the Full Sail faithful and stealing the show on the first ever live WWE Network special. After a hellacious back-and-forth, Paige was able to finally lock Emma into the PTO, forcing the Australian-born Diva to surrender.

The battle was brutal, beautiful and first blossoming of the revolution that would soon begin.

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