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The Armpit Wrestling Quiz for the Week of April 3, 2017

I thought WrestleMania 33 would never end, but it was a good show and very enjoyable.  Our predictions were about 50/50, which is about as good as anyone could’ve possibly guessed because they threw in some surprises in unexpected places.

With the retirement of Mark Calaway, this week’s quiz is on “The Undertaker.”


Congratulations to last week’s quiz winner: Wes Connor

Last week’s answers:

1) Jim Ross got his start in pro wrestling as a referee.

2) Jim paid his dues in Mid South Wrestling under Bill Watts.

3) Eric Bischoff was not announcing for the NWA when they purchased the UWF.

4) Jim was demoted to selling radio ads for WCW when Eric Bischoff took over the company.

5) Jim’s debut in WWF was memorable because he wore a toga at WrestleMania IX.

6) Jim was re-hired after his first WWF firing because Vince McMahon was busy with the steroid trial and couldn’t announce Raw anymore, so Ross was hired for the role.

7) Jim’s heel turn was not one of WWF’s finer moments, as he brought back the fake Razor Ramon and Scott Hall, and it bombed live.

8) Ed Ferrara impersonated Jim Ross and his Bells Palsy on WCW Nitro.  Prick.  The two are on good terms and Ed did Ross’s podcast last year.

9) True, Jim Ross announced for the XFL.

10) Jim’s most recent WWE firing was because he made inappropriate remarks at a WWE 2K14 event with Mick Foley and Ric Flair.


This week’s questions:


  1. On the national scene, the first time the Undertaker came onto the scene was in WCW under the name Mean Mark Callous. There’s a memorable moment at Clash of the Champions X where Road Warrior Hawk was stiffing him (since he was the green new guy), which was a huge mistake because Mark’s partner was Dan Spivey, and he was not a man to be messed with. As a receipt, Spivey destroyed Hawk with a chair, and they were full-on blows to the head.  What were Mark and Spivey called?


  1. a) Towers of Doom
  2. b) Twin Towers
  3. c) Skyscrapers
  4. d) Double Trouble


  1. Undertaker made his on-camera WWF debut at Survivor Series 1990, and anyone who saw it live will never forget it. Fans were just in awe of the character, which came off so real even though he had just wrestled in one of the top matches on WCW’s Great American Bash PPV that summer. In the beginning, before Paul Bearer, who managed the Undertaker?


  1. a) Brother Love
  2. b) Jimmy Hart
  3. c) Bobby Heenan
  4. d) Slick


  1. Just a year after his debut, Undertaker was WWF champion. He beat Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series 1991, and then lost it back to him days later at which WWF PPV?


  1. a) This Monday in Missouri
  2. b) This Tuesday in Texas
  3. c) This Wednesday in Wyoming
  4. d) This Thursday in Tennessee
  5. e) This Friday in Florida


  1. The Undertaker racked up a string of victories at WrestleMania in the 90s. Which one of these men did he NOT face at Mania in the 90s?


  1. a) Jake Roberts
  2. b) Giant Gonzales
  3. c) King Kong Bundy
  4. d) Shawn Michaels
  5. e) Diesel
  6. f) Sid Vicious
  7. g) Kane
  8. h) Big Bossman


  1. Not one of the Undertaker’s better feuds was against an imposter Undertaker. Who played the role of this imposter?


  1. a) Brian Lee
  2. b) Glen “Kane” Jacobs
  3. c) Rick Bogner (the fake Razor Ramon in the Jim Ross angle)
  4. d) Bryan Adams (Crush)
  5. e) Brian Clark (Adam Bomb/Wrath)


  1. Kane made a career out of the storyline of being Undertaker’s half-brother. How was that storyline first explained on television?


  1. a) A video package where Kane was revealed
  2. b) On the internet, which was in its infancy at the time
  3. c) Paul Bearer told the story in a long, in-ring promo on Raw
  4. d) Kane debuted without any back story, and then told the story in his first promo


  1. In the early 2000s, Undertaker changed his character to be more of a badass biker. One memorable feud was with Ric Flair, and as part of the angle to build heat, Undertaker went to OVW and beat up someone very close to Ric. Who was it?


  1. a) His best friend, Arn Anderson.
  2. b) His longtime friend, Jim Ross.
  3. c) His friend and former NFL great, Kevin Greene.
  4. d) His former partner in the Horsemen, Barry Windham.
  5. e) His son, David Flair.


  1. Undertaker and Shawn Michaels had a pair of excellent matches in back to back WrestleManias. What was notable about their second Mania match?


  1. a) Steve Austin was the guest referee.
  2. b) Undertaker suffered a very serious injury during the match.
  3. c) It was a hair vs hair match.
  4. d) If Shawn Michaels lost, he had to retire.


  1. Undertaker’s streak finally came to an end at WrestleMania 30 in 2014. When Brock Lesnar got the win, people were shocked in one of the iconic moments in Mania history. True or false: the referee knew in advance who was winning.


  1. a) True
  2. b) False


  1. In 2016, Undertaker faced Shane McMahon in the match that possibly had more interest than any other on the card. What would happen to Shane if he won the match?


  1. a) He’d be next in line for a title shot.
  2. b) He’d gain control of Raw.
  3. c) He’d gain control of the entire WWE.
  4. d) He’d get to face the other guy who beat Undertaker (Brock Lesnar)


There are three ways to send us your answers to the quiz:

1) Email them to [email protected]

2) Find me on Facebook under the name “Pit WP” and send your answers to me there.

3) Find me on Twitter at ArmpitWP and send me a direct message with your answers.

4) Use the Contact form at armpit-wrestling.com

We will randomly generate a number to determine the winner.  For example, if the number is 25 and you’re the 25th person to contact us with correct answers, you win.  Winners receive a free copy of our brand new e-book, “The Armpit Wrestling Quiz Archives: Volume 1.”  It features 128 quizzes we’ve written over the years and clocks in at 420 pages and a whopping 1,079 questions on pro wrestling history dating back to the 1980s.  We’ll also announce your name here next week as the winner.

Answers will be posted next week.  Have fun and good luck.

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