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Welcome to The Armpit wrestling quiz for the week of January 30, 2017. 

The Royal Rumble is finally over, and while opinions have been divided on the Rumble match itself, it’s hard to deny the show overall as a huge success.  Two stellar world title matches, the storylines were generally well booked, and the fact my own network feed went out on my Roku makes me believe there were a lot of people watching.

One thing the show lacked, however, was surprise entrants (aside from Tye Dillinger).  So what better time than now to do a quiz on “Famous Surprises” in wrestling?

Congratulations to last week’s winner: Joseph Johnson.


Last week’s answers:


1) Vince McMahon Sr died from cancer.  Pancreatic cancer, to be exact.


2) Following Turner’s purchase of the NWA in 1988, Jim Herd was put in charge of the company.  Fortunately he stayed away from creative in 1989, which was a phenomenal year for the NWA.  But 1990 was anything but, thanks to Herd taking a more hands-on approach.


3) After Herd was dumped, Kip Frye was brought in for a very brief period of time.  One of his big moves was signing Jesse Ventura to a big money contract to be WCW’s new color commentator.  Ventura’s stint in WCW was overall a disappointment, but on the night he was introduced (Clash of the Champions 18), and the night he made his debut (SuperBrawl II), he got huge reactions.


4) Bill Watts was hired after Frye, and then fired a year later thanks to Pro Wrestling Torch columnist Mark Madden faxing Hank Aaron (who worked with the Turner organization) a copy of an interview Watts did with Wade Keller in 1991 that contained some strong racial comments.  WCW then hired Eric Bischoff, to the shock of many.  Eric did what the others couldn’t, and turned WCW into the #1 wrestling promotion in the world for two memorable, historic years.


5) After Bischoff lost his mojo, he was sent home.  Bill Busch then stole Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara away from the WWF, and they became the head writers of WCW.  They killed the company far worse than anyone else ever did, and within 18 months WCW ceased to exist.  Read the “Death of WCW” book if you care to learn more.


This week’s questions:


  1. We’re coming up on almost a year since one of 2016’s biggest surprises: the return of Shane McMahon after a several year absence. Shane’s return jumpstarted ticket sales for WrestleMania 32, which a lot of people don’t like to admit, but it’s true. One of the highlights of Shane’s “wrestling” career during the Attitude Era was the Mean Street Posse.  Who was NOT in the Posse with Shane?


  1. a) Andrew “Test” Martin
  2. b) Pete Gas
  3. c) Joey Abs
  4. d) Rodney


  1. Long, long before he was associated with Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman was a talented manager in WCW under the name Paul E. Dangerously. No stranger to surprises, Paul E. unveiled his newest acquisition at Halloween Havoc ’91, a major star who gave WCW a huge boost of much needed star power. That night “The Phantom” was unmasked and revealed as whom?


  1. a) Curt Hennig
  2. b) Tom Zenk
  3. c) Rick Rude
  4. d) Arn Anderson
  5. e) Sid Vicious


  1. ECW fans turned on Sabu in early 1995, thanks to an in-ring promo by Paul Heyman that encouraged them to. He returned as a major surprise at November to Remember later that year, after the lights went out, and fans popped huge after months of hating him. Why was Sabu fired from ECW in the first place?


  1. a) He was caught with drugs and it made the Philadelphia newspapers, so Heyman had no choice but to fire him.
  2. b) He got into a scuffle backstage with ECW owner Todd Gordon.
  3. c) He made disparaging remarks about ECW in the Pro Wrestling Torch, which Heyman found out about.
  4. d) He continually no-showed the spot shows.
  5. e) He was double booked, and took the more lucrative booking in Japan instead of the ECW booking.


  1. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash changed the wrestling world forever when they jumped the WWF to WCW. The term “game changer” is so overused today, but that really was a game changer. Fans were shocked when they showed up, but they did not show up together.  Who showed up on Nitro first, Hall or Nash?


  1. a) Scott Hall
  2. b) Kevin Nash


  1. Hall and Nash were definitely big surprises on Nitro, but they were not the first. On the very first Nitro, one wrestler shocked the world when he showed up unannounced and made an immediate impact. Who was it?


  1. a) Randy Savage
  2. b) Sabu
  3. c) Big Bossman
  4. d) Lex Luger
  5. e) DDP


  1. He’s been in the news the past couple weeks, and will be for the next couple months. He debuted as TNA’s highest profile signee ever, in 2006, shocking the wrestling world. Who was it?


  1. a) Sting
  2. b) Kevin Nash
  3. c) Kurt Angle
  4. d) Roddy Piper


  1. In 1987 he had the best match in WWF history at the time, winning the Intercontinental Title from Randy Savage at WrestleMania III. He didn’t last long, though, asking for time off to spend time with his newborn son. He returned in early 1989, but not to the WWF.  Instead he was a surprise tag team partner on NWA’s Saturday TBS show, going right into a legendary feud with Ric Flair.  When Steamboat made his surprise return that day, who was his tag team partner?


  1. a) Eddie Gilbert
  2. b) Barry Windham
  3. c) Rick Steiner
  4. d) Sting


  1. Steamboat again did a similar angle in 1991. He returned to the WWF after his run with the NWA in 1989, but by then WWF was in full cartoon mode and called him “The Dragon” and had him spit fire during his ring entrance. Ironically, he left in late 1991 right around the same time Ric Flair debuted with the WWF.  Steamboat went right back to WCW, again as the surprise mystery partner at Clash of the Champions 17, tearing the house down with Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko in a ****1/4 match.  That night he won the tag team titles; who was his tag team partner?


  1. a) Sting
  2. b) Barry Windham
  3. c) Dustin Rhodes
  4. d) Tom Zenk
  5. e) Brian Pillman


  1. Diamond Dallas Page is no stranger to masks, as he once pretended to be La Parka in a 1997 Nitro match in which he pinned Randy Savage. Four years later, in 2001, he unmasked again. Except this time it was in the WWF, on Raw.  He revealed himself after weeks of stalking the wife of what WWF superstar?


  1. a) Steve Austin
  2. b) HHH
  3. c) Kurt Angle
  4. d) Undertaker
  5. e) Mick Foley


  1. What was among the biggest surprises ever, at least to casual fans at home who didn’t read the internet or newsletters, was Vince McMahon showing up on WCW Monday Nitro to announce he had bought WCW. What was the famous main event on that last ever Nitro?


  1. a) Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair
  2. b) Ric Flair vs Sting
  3. c) Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage
  4. d) Ric Flair vs Randy Savage
  5. e) Hulk Hogan vs Sting



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Answers will be posted next week.  Have fun and good luck.

The Armpit

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