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Welcome to The Armpit wrestling quiz for the week of March 20, 2017.  

As of this writing, the big news is that someone hacked Paige and posted pictures and a video from her private collection.  As someone who has an enormous crush on the lovely Paige, I would love to lend a hand to support her, but am afraid Alberto del Rio would beat the crap out of me.  I mean, he beat up his own brother, so imagine what he’d do to this hacker if he got his hands on him.

With my poor little Paige having her privacy violated, and with her being the subject of the movie Rock is helping to film on her and her family, the theme of this week’s quiz is, you guessed it, “Paige.”

Congratulations to last week’s quiz winner: Trenton Guilbeau

Last week’s answers:

1) The Hardys were originally part of an indie named OMEGA.  Must be the first time ever a promotion is named after the current best wrestler in the world.

2) True, both Hardys were jobbers before they made it big in WWE.  Just goes to show that with the right costuming and look, you can be a star even if you don’t have a major league physique.  There’s a reason Jeff always wore a shirt, and it never stopped him from being a huge star.

3) The Hardys were originally managed by tag team legend Michael “PS” Hayes.

4) The two tag teams the Hardys feuded closely with in TLC matches were the Dudles and Edge and Christian.

5) What began the Matt vs Jeff feud was Matt interfering in Jeff’s title defense against Edge at Royal Rumble 2009, causing Jeff to lose the title.

6) Matt vs Jeff took place at WrestleMania 25 in an Extreme Rules match.

7) What caused people to think the Matt vs Jeff angle crossed the line of good taste was when Matt implied he burned down Jeff’s house in a fire that killed his dog Jack.  Such a tragic story.

8) Jeff is called Brother Nero because that’s his middle name.

9) True, the Hardys are the first tag team to hold the ROH and TNA tag team titles at the same time.

10) The Hardys never wrestled for WCW.  Can you imagine how badly they’d have screwed them up??  They were with the right company at the right time, thank goodness.


This week’s questions:


  1. Surely Paige would’ve attended SummerSlam ’92 in her home country, but she was only a couple of weeks old when it took place. Which of the following is true?


  1. a) Paige’s dad was a wrestler.
  2. b) Paige’s mom was a wrestler.
  3. c) A and C (both of Paige’s parents were wrestlers).
  4. d) Neither of Paige’s parents were wrestlers.


  1. True or false: Paige is the first ever NXT’s Women’s Champion.


  1. a) True
  2. b) False


  1. Paige was in FCW and NXT at a time when many of today’s WWE women’s stars were there too. Which of the following women did Paige NOT wrestle while (or should we say “whilst?”) in FCW/NXT?


  1. a) Sasha Banks
  2. b) Emma
  3. c) Summer Rae
  4. d) Alicia Fox
  5. e) Lana
  6. f) Natalya


  1. Paige’s WWE debut was quite memorable, as she won the Diva’s title immediately from AJ Lee. When did that match and angle take place?


  1. a) The Raw just before WrestleMania 30
  2. b) WrestleMania 30
  3. c) The Raw just after WrestleMania 30
  4. d) NXT Takeover on WrestleMania 30 weekend


  1. Wrestling loves stables, from DX to the Horsemen to the nWo to countless others. Paige had hers too, with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. What did they call themselves?


  1. a) NextGen Superstars
  2. b) International Triad
  3. c) Queens of Wrestling
  4. d) Team PCB


  1. While out with a neck injury (and surgery), Paige had two Wellness policy violations. What was notable about her second violation?


  1. a) She claimed it was an administrative error, prompting WWE to say it was actually for an illegal substance.
  2. b) It was for an illegal substance, which Paige admitted from the start and asked fans for forgiveness on Twitter.
  3. c) It was a clerical error, causing her parents to rip WWE in public, and causing Alberto del Rio to quit WWE.
  4. d) She pulled a Sid Vicious and used someone else’s urine for her drug test.


  1. The Rock is currently filming and producing a movie based partly around the life of Paige. Why is he doing this?


  1. a) Rock is friends with Paige’s family back from when he was starting out and wrestled some indies in the UK.
  2. b) Rock and Paige dated briefly after Rock’s divorce.
  3. c) Rock saw the documentary on Paige’s family in the UK and thought it would make a great movie.
  4. d) Alberto del Rio and Rock are close friends, and del Rio asked him to do the favor.


  1. Paige now joins the list of those in wrestling who have had nude pictures and/or sex videos released, either with or without their permission. Which star does NOT have any such private material released?


  1. a) Hulk Hogan
  2. b) Seth Rollins
  3. c) Xavier Woods
  4. d) Chyna
  5. e) Tammy “Sunny” Sytch
  6. f) Elizabeth
  7. g) X-Pac
  8. h) Sable
  9. i) Christy Hemme
  10. j) Torrie Wilson



There are three ways to send us your answers to the quiz:

1) Email them to [email protected]

2) Find me on Facebook under the name “Pit WP” and send your answers to me there.

3) Find me on Twitter at ArmpitWP and send me a direct message with your answers.

4) Use the Contact form at armpit-wrestling.com

We will randomly generate a number to determine the winner.  For example, if the number is 25 and you’re the 25th person to contact us with correct answers, you win.  Winners receive a free copy of our brand new e-book, “The Armpit Wrestling Quiz Archives: Volume 1.”  It features 128 quizzes we’ve written over the years and clocks in at 420 pages and a whopping 1,079 questions on pro wrestling history dating back to the 1980s.  We’ll also announce your name here next week as the winner.

Answers will be posted next week.  Have fun and good luck.

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