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Welcome (back) to The Armpit wrestling quiz for the week of August 15, 2016.  For those with long memories, our weekly quiz ran on this site from 2005 to 2010, and we’re proud to be bringing it back in conjunction with the brand new re-launch of The Armpit website.

This week’s theme is “Backstage Fights – Part 1.”  Recent years have provided loads of new info from shoot interviews, podcasts, and other interviews that have shed light on all your favorite stories.  And we’re documenting them all.

We’ve done a quiz with this theme before, so these will be new questions.  

  1. In 1995, Shawn Michaels took a very savage beating from some US Marines in Syracuse, NY after a WWF house show.  Davey Boy Smith and Sean Waltman eventually came to his aid, but the damage had already been done.  Many thought it was a work, because the WWF played it up with Michaels appearing on Raw via satellite with his face a mess.  But the fight was very real.  What was the alleged reason the Marines went after Michaels in the first place?
  2. One of the most famous backstage feuds involved the British Bulldogs and the Rougeau Brothers.  Specifically, Dynamite Kid and Jacques Rougeau had nuclear heat with each other.  The turmoil between these two was such that it took me an entire week to research and write the very long article that documents the entire story.  In a nutshell, Dynamite slapped Jacques from behind as he was playing cards in the locker room.  Days later, Jacques got his revenge when he knocked several of Dynamite’s teeth out with a sucker punch.  Dynamite was never the same, and this incident eventually led to the Bulldogs giving notice.  What was Jacques holding in his hand when he walloped Dynamite?
  3. The Dynamite/Jacques feud was so involved that it merits two questions.  The entire ordeal should’ve never happened, and the real culprit was a backstage joker who ribbed the Rougeaus and pretended it was the Bulldogs who did it.  In reality, who ribbed the Rougeaus and started this whole thing in the first place?
  4. Another world famous brawl was the incredibly violent stabbing war between Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious in 1993.  Last time we asked who it was that stopped the fight and saved Arn’s life (Too Cold Scorpio).  But another guy deserves credit for stopping Sid from bleeding as well, as it was pouring out of his abdomen thanks to the punctures caused by the scissors.  Which WCW star saw Sid walking towards him and immediately stuck his thumbs in Sid’s wounds to stop the bleeding?
  5. Speaking of Too Cold Scorpio, not many people know of his fight with Road Warrior Hawk in North Korea as part of the Collision in Korea show in Pyongyang in 1995.  It’s one of the few fights Hawk lost, and Scorpio lost his job with New Japan over it even though Hawk threw the first punch.  The fight was broken up, happened again later, and the two agreed to finally settle it once they got back to Tokyo.  Just in case Hawk started something before then, Scorpio wanted to protect himself.  What objects did he steal from the dinner table and put in his pocket, so that he could use them as weapons later if he was attacked?

These quizzes are just for fun, but if you’d like to play along, please email your answers to [email protected] After a few days, we’ll declare a winner by randomly selecting a number between 1 and 300.  For example, if we draw #100, the 100th person to email us will be chosen.  If that person’s answers are correct, he/she wins.  If not, we’ll draw another number until that person has all the correct answers.  The winner will have his/her name announced here next week, along with anything he/she would like to plug/promote (assuming it’s not X-rated or illegal).  It could be your blog, Twitter handle, Facebook page, or anything else you’d like us to mention.  Or it could just be your name, if you simply want the recognition.

Answers will be posted next week.  If you want to “cheat,” you can look up the answers by reading the articles in our “Backstage Fights” section.  Have fun and good luck.

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