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The Bizzle Show Press Release (08/27/08)

For immediate release

Hear ye! Hear ye! All subjects and scholars of the roped ring are ordered for congregation for Wednesday’s (August 27, 2008) edition of The Bizzle Show (http://www.bizzleshow.com) at 9pm EST as we are joined by a true legend of professional wrestling, “The King” Harley Race!


The man has seen everything and then some in this wacky world of sports entertainment, and is ready to share it with you all! From his days as the NWA world champion to being a Hall of Famer in every sense of the word, Mr. Race, has been to the top of the mountain every where he has been. Now he owns WLW in Missouri, where he trains many up-and-comers to the wrestling world.

Also joining us is “Territorial” sensation and new PWA TV champ, The Drunken Irishman. “Irish” will talk about his stint in UPW with John Cena, Samoa Joe, Curry Man, and many more. The inside scoop of the days before they were stars! Definitely not to be missed!

This week’s Bizzle Show, with your co-hosts Mark D. Mark, Casey Carnage, and The World Famous Bizzle, will contain all the insanity you have come to expect! Leading into to WWE’s “Unforgiven” and Booker T’s new accent, we will hit all the hot spots. All this and more LIVE! Be a part of the show by joining us in the chat room and calling in (number to be given during the show) and be a part of a defining career!

Join Live at Wednesday nights at 9pm Eastern time:

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Check out last week’s episode that featured WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana, he discussed his long illustrious career, the night the wrestlers tried to start a union and many other topics.

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Stop by this Wednesday at 9m EST: http://www.bizzleshow.com