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The Bizzle Show Press Release

Join “The Bizzle Show” (brought to you by Revitalabs, “Your online natural supplemental store!) Friday night, 10 pm est. as we bring to you two amazing interviews within our jam-packed two hour show!

The Bizzle Show would first like to welcome current R.O.H. World Champion and longest reigning R.O.H. Pure Champion, Nigel McGuiness, as we discuss current R.O.H. issues, his stints in Pro Wrestling NOAH, his training with Les Thatcher, and much, much more. Nigel will pull no punches in this candid discussion and is not to be missed!

Also, The Bizzle Show steps into the past with world renown wrestling legend, former WWE superstar Kamala, the Ugandan Giant! We will delve into his long, reputable, and storied career within the squared circle. Be sure to join us in the chat room and listen in to ask questions of this true legend!

The Bizzle Show would like to also welcome Revitalabs into the fold as our official sponsor. Go to www.revitalabs.com for information on all your natural supplemental demands, and be sure to tell them The Bizzle Show sent you!

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