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Editor’s note: Terry Leavitt is a big pro wrestling fan who experienced an unfortunate accident as a young man.  Despite his handicaps, he was able to attend the 2012 CAC Reunion and even met his idol “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  He also made many friends at the reunion who saw what a great guy he is.  Since that reunion, Terry has had some tough times, but we continue to be inspired by his drawing talent and his willingness to share his story with others so they won’t make the same mistakes he made.  The following is an update straight from Terry himself.

When I got home from the CAC Reunion in 2012 I had a hard time medically. Somehow on the flight to Vegas, I managed to break two of my ribs. That then caused pressure in my wheel chair which made my skin break open.  It took almost a year for this to heal.  I had to lay in bed most days so it wouldn’t get worse.  I couldn’t draw, which was really disappointing.

I was finally able to get up into my wheelchair in time to do my annual speeches to the high schools in New Brunswick about drinking and driving and the Alcohol Prevention for the Party Program. They do this just before graduation parties to remind kids of the consequences of the wrong decisions they can make.

Since then I have received a brand new wheel chair with easier head functions so it’s easier on my neck and back. I can now drive in comfort once again. It’s a hot rod fitted to a young male’s taste!

Recently I received an email from a school wanting me to go teach eight to ten year olds how to draw by mouth. This was a true honor to me, not only teaching kids my craft and disability, but it was more the acceptance from local and achieved artists who wanted me there for the art festivities.  To be noticed by them as a fellow artist felt great!

I now have started to draw again! My biggest news is that I’m looking into attending New Brunswick Community College in Fredericton to get a degree in Architecture. I have one physics class I have to take. The rest is to wait and see.  Since I am disabled there are a couple things to look into before going, like if the dorms are wheel chair accessible.

But for now I have my art degree I’m working on!  Recently I went to an independent wrestling show that’s touring  New Brunswick . It was a great show with Renee Dupree and I ran into someone I met at the CAC Reunion in Las Vegas. He trained Trish Stratus, Edge and Christian, it’s a small world.

— Terry Leavitt

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