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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The ECW (10/6) Extreme Examination
Our resident philosopher takes a look at an action-packed episode of ECW.

William Regal and his Ruthless Roundtable continued their dominance in ECW. Also, Christian faced off against Zack Ryder, again.

This Week’s Episode: The Return of Ruthless Aggression

ECW opened with a look back at William Regal being placed in charge of ECW, due to Tiffany being in an auto accident. Regal made an 8-man battle, last week. Regal was pinned by Yoshi Tatsu.

Regal, Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson walked to the ring. Regal was in a suit but his charges were in battle gear. Regal sent out his best wishes to Tiffany. Regal said that he couldn’t make any direct changes to the ECW title but he could make himself the number one contender to the title. Regal was interrupted by Zack Ryder. Zack reminded Regal that Regal cost their team, last week. Regal also disrupted Zack’s shot at Christian, one on one, last week. Christian then walked out and made fun of Regal and Ryder. Christian told both men that neither deserved a shot at the title. Christian brought out Angelo, a janitor in the arena. He said the kid, nicknamed Lo Faz, deserved a title shot more than Ryder and Regal. Christian then introduced Tony Atlas, who laughed badly. Christian said that Tony deserved a shot ahead of the two of them. Christian then introduced Yoshi Tatsu, who had beaten both men in recent weeks. Christian struck a nerve when he called Regal “Bill”. Christian said Yoshi deserved a title shot, more than anyone. They got into a weird “Thank You” thing. Christian told Regal that it wasn’t up to Regal or Christian do decide who was the number one contender. Christian then brought out…Tiffany (with her arm in a sling. Tiffany said Ryder would face Christian. She also made the match between Yoshi and Regal. She then put Jackson and Kozlov into tag team action. ECW went to break.


Kozlov and Jackson stood waiting for their competition. They got Tommy Dreamer and Goldust.

Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson d Tommy Dreamer and Goldust

The Finish:

Kozlov took the tag and hit the Al Snow Locked Headbutt and the Close Quarters Belly to Belly Suplex. Kozlov locked in a (Russian) Bear Hug. Kozlov slammed Goldust into the corner and tagged out. Jackson threw a flurry of fists and tried for a pin. When he didn’t get it, Jackson locked in a Double Underhook. Jackson and Goldust started punching each other. Jackson Pressed down on Goldust but the Bizarre One came back with the Goldustin Uppercut. Goldust made the tag to Tommy, as the crowd exploded. Tommy hit a Flying Clothesline and a Flipping Blockbuster. Tommy knocked Kozlov off the apron and then Crossbody’d Jackson. Tommy hit the Funk Neckbreaker, after slipping out of a Suplex. Kozlov made the save but Goldust took out Kozlov. Tommy turned to be sure Kozlov was not going to be a problem. He turned back into the Mon-Star Uranage Slam by Jackson.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: Kozlov and Jackson are so being wasted on ECW. They should be going after Jeri-Show and the tag teams belts. Having Regal as their “unofficial” manager is a good choice.

Regal talked with Tiffany in her office. Tiffany was thinking that if John Cena were to lose at Bragging Rights he could be coming to ECW. Regal tried to butter up Tiffany but she told him he should go get ready for his match. Regal would face Yoshi Tatsu…next.

ECW looked at the main stream media that Ben Roethlisberger got for being on Raw. The segment also looked at the highlights from Monday.

Back to live action, Yoshi Tatsu came out in his Misawa green tights. Tatsu bowed before entering the ring. William Regal then came out to battle the Japanese superstar.

Yoshi Tatsu d William Regal

The Finish:

Yoshi hit his Forward Roll Bulldog and Crescent Kick combo. Yoshi went for a Crossbody but Regal caught him and dumped him to the outside. Regal went outside and ran Yoshi into the announce table. Regal threw Yoshi back into the ring and slapped on the Rear Chin Lock. Regal stomped on Yoshi and dropped a knee to the head. Regal went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Regal used the Butterfly Suplex to stun Yoshi. Regal hit another European Uppercut. Yoshi answered with a Knife Edge Chop. Yoshi hit a devastating Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Yoshi hit a series of kicks and a Roaring Elbow. Yoshi went up top but missed the Spinning Leg Lariat. Regal gloated about the error, which allowed Yoshi to hit his Buzzsaw Kick. Regal’s foot was under the bottom rope but the ref didn’t see it and made the three count.

Grade: A

Jay’s Thoughts: Yoshi is going to be one of the top stars in WWE, someday soon. He has that same feel as The Great Muta had, twenty years ago. I was scared that Yoshi was going to end up another Kung Fu Naki, but I think Creative is going to let this kid actually shine. Don’t get me wrong, I like Funaki but he was never really given the right vehicle to make it to levels that he could have reached. Yoshi has the same opportunity. I hope that the WWE gives him the chance to rise to the heights that he has the potential to reach.

Regal tried to plead his case to the ref. Jackson and Kozlov came in to stand beside their mentor. the ref stood his ground against the Ruthless Roundtable. Matt Striker and Josh Mathews talked about the issues between Sheamus and Shelton Benjamin. Shelton was jumped before his match against Paul Burchill. Shelton was still able to overcome Burchill. Sheamus and Shelton will battle on Thursday, during Superstars.

Regal was still at ringside as Zack Ryder was introduced. ECW took a quick break before the main event.

The Ruthless Roundtable were still at ringside. Christian then walked out, wearing his ECW belt. Christian stared at Regal and his crew as the bell sounded.

Christian d Zack Ryder (by DQ)
Non-Title Match

The Finish:

Zack missed a charge in the corner and Christian hit the Pendulum Kick to stun the youngster. Christian hit a brutal Tornado DDT to get a two count. Christian tried to pull the KillSwitch but Zack countered it into a Tiger Bomb. Zack couldn’t believe that Christian got out at two. Christian Back Body Dropped Zack over the ropes and to the floor. Christian then hit a Crossbody from the top rope. The Ruthless Roundtable then assaulted Christian and threw Christian back into the ring. Regal hit the Knee Trembler on the ECW champion. Zack got in and got in Regal’s face. Regal had his men take out Zack. Kozlov lowered the Iron Curtain and then the trio stood over their fallen victims.

Grade: A

Jay’s Thoughts: I smell a face turn for young Mister Ryder. That would actually kill his momentum in ECW, right now. Ryder has the whole cheesy heel thing down pat. To turn him face might be a decent ploy to lure in a few teen-age girls to lust after Mr. Woo Woo Woo but it just doesn’t work for me. I’m still hoping that Christian ends up joining his “brother”, Edge, to battle Jeri-Show.

Final Grade: A-

Final Thoughts: A solid show with very little fluff added to waste time. The matches were long enough to showcase the talents of the men involved. I expect next week’s main event to be Christian and Zack Ryder v Kozlov and Jackson. It could easily be turned into a 6 man, with Yoshi Tatsu and William Regal joining the battle. Best of all, Abraham Washington had the week off.

–Jay Shannon
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