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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The ECW (12/1) Extreme Examination Our resident philosopher looks at this week’s ECW

ECW revealed a new tag team, this week. Also, the Ruthless Roundtable tried to fix their fractured relationships.

This Week’s Episode: Rebuilding the Empire?

Abraham Washington did his talk show thing, again. (sigh)His guests were Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes. Abe asked Tony Atlas how Thanksgiving went. Tony started to ramble about his extended family. Abe finally told Tony to “shut up”. Abe said his holiday was great, except everyone wanted his autograph. Tony started to chuckle and it irritated Abe. Abe then ticked off the Virginia fans with insults. Tony pushed that he was from Virginia. Abe turned it into a further insult of the Virginia people. Abe then called out his special guests. The happy couple snuggled on the leather coach. Zack had a poem for Rosa. It was syrupy and silly. Rosa had her own poem. It was “like” a totally Valley Girl kinda thing, OhmyGawd. (That made my brain hurt). Rosa rambled in Spanish. Zack was thrilled. He jumped on the couch like an idiot. Abe closed the painful segment

Segment Grade: D (for dumb)

Jay’s Thoughts: This is one reason why the rumors are flying that WWE is considering ditching the whole ECW brand after the first of the year.

ECW looked at Yoshi Tatsu’s defeat of William Regal, last week. Vladimir Kozlov, who caused the loss, blamed Ezekiel Jackson. Big Zeke took out both of his compadres. In the back, Regal and Jackson shared apologies. Jackson said he would not apologize to Kozlov. Regal played Peacemaker to his group. Regal wanted the team to stay strong.

Regal and his lackeys came out for the opening match. Kozlov and Jackson stood next to their leader in center ring. Jackson did stand back as Regal and Kozlov stepped forward. Goldust came out to face Regal.

Goldust d William Regal

The Finish:

Regal Power Whipped Goldust to the corner and hit a Clothesline. Regal attacked Goldust’s neck, over and over with Fore-arm Shots. Goldust came back with the Goldustin Uppercut, a Clothesline and the Running Bulldog. regal kicked out at two. Regal sent Goldust to the ropes but Goldy held on . He Booted Regal and then Kozlov grabbed the other ankle. Jackson gave Kozlov an evil look and the Soviet Syborg backed off. Regal took advantage of the distraction to deliver an Exploder Suplex. On the floor, Jackson and Kozlov got into a shoving and screaming match. Regal went to calm down his charges, which allowed Goldust to School Boy Regal for the surprise win.

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: The Ruthless Roundtable continued to crumble. The feud between Kozlov and Jackson is really going to go nowhere. This is some of the worst storyline writing in recent memory.

In the back, Paul and Katie Lea Burchill talked with Tiffany. Tiffany wasn’t willing to leave ECW but Tiffany stood he ground. Trent Barreta and Caylan Croft walked in and asked “Didn’t that guy used to be a pirate?”. They said that they were there to make Tiffany look like a genius. This new team had that Rockers/Young Bucks attitude.

Barreta and Croft made their way fro the back. They faced off against Tyler Hilton and Bobby Shields.

Trent Barreta and Caylan Croft d Tyler Hilton and Bobby Shields

Hilton and Trent exchanged Arm Wringers. Trent threw machine gun Fore-arm Smashes and then a pair of Running Knees. Croft tagged in and they hit a Dual Gutbuster. Croft stomped away and then tagged out. Trent slapped on the Rear Chin Lock. Croft tagged back in and stomped away and Fore-armed Hilton. The crowd was massively bored. Shields tagged in but Croft hit a Slider Leg Drop. Trent tagged in. Croft hit an Inverter Atomic Drop while Trent nailed a Flying Kneeblaster to the face. Say goodnight, Gracie.

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: WWE brings up a decent tag team from FCW and sticks them on a show with no real tag division. Yeah, that makes sense. The team is decent but they’re being wasted on ECW.

Vance Archer was introduced in the back. ECW ran a quick video package. Archer said most superstars would ask for an ECW title shot. Archer wanted to savor every minute of his rise to the art. Archer said he was painting a Masterpiece of Agony. Archer said he was the one to be worried about.

The Smackdown Rebound looked at Chris Jericho v The Undertaker. Batista watched from ringside. It was a brutal match. Batista and Taker looked into each other’s eyes. Jericho took advantage of distractions but it wasn’t enough to take out The Dead Man. Batista jumped into the ring and mugged Taker with a chair.

Josh and Byron ran down the updated TLC card.

Shelton Benjamin was playing the new WWE video game in the back. Christian came in to talk to his partner for the night. Shelton said he had Christian’s back to keep Christian at 100% for TLC. Christian turned off the video game and said he would see him out there (in the ring). The Ruthless Roundtable were screaming at each other. The main event was next.

The Ruthless Roundtable came out to Kozlov’s music. Jackson didn’t look happy. The trio of doom stood waiting for their opponents. Shelton came out first. He got a decent pop from the crowd that seemed to surprise him. Christian then came out to a deafening pop from his Peeps.

Shelton Benjamin and Christian d Vladimirir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson

The Finish:

Jackson tagged back in and slapped on a Keylock/Bicep Cutter combo. Christian fought free but a Shoulder Block from Jackson sent Christian to the floor. Regal ran Christian’s shoulder into the corner post. Jackson went out and got Christian, throwing him back in the ring. Kozlov tagged in and yanked on the arm and Arm Dragged Christian. Kozlov laid Christian across the top rope and Headbutted Christian and kicked him. Christian came back with the Tornado DDT. Shelton made the tag but Jackson refused to tag out. Shelton nailed the Stinger Splash to an unsuspecting Kozlov. Shelton took out Kozlov with the Paydirt finisher. Jackson had walked to the back.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: Jackson’s walk away was great. Jackson is definitely going to be the face in this war. Kozlov, as always, will just get his butt handed to him. Jackson had the potential to be the next Ahmed Johnson.

Final Grade: B

Final Thoughts: ECW’s time may be running out. There are major rumors that ECW and FCW may merge and turn the Tuesday Night Delight as the spotlight show for new talent. I could even see them utilizing the FCW logo, changing the name slightly to…Future Champions of Wrestling.

— Jay Shannon
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