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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The !mpact! 10/22 Insight
Our resident philosopher looks at the aftermath episode to one of the top three Pay-Per-Views of the entire year.

After an amazing Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View, TNA picked up the pieces.and moved forward. One of the biggest independent stars made his TNA debut, under a new identity.

This Week’s Episode: Black Thursday?

The show kicked off with a highlight package for Bound For Glory. As I told my daughter, Jess, and a couple of friends, every match had it’s own “Are you Kidding Me?” moment.

Kurt Angle came out to the ring, alone. He talked about not having “family” with him, this week. This was the one year anniversary of the Main Event Mafia. By all reports, Booker T is gone from TNA. The rest of the Mafia is falling apart around Kurt. Kurt mentioned that the Mafia was misunderstood from day one. Kurt talked about how the Mafia was supposed to stand for respect. He mentioned that some members of the Mafia were in it for recognition and “a place”. Kurt said that he was in it for love of the sport, not ego. Kurt said the Mafia was supposed to be about being the best. Kurt then admitted that he made a mistake about the TNA’s younger guys. He thought that they were just a bunch of punks looking for a hand-out.

He said he now realized that they were young boys that have grown into men. Kurt threw respect to A.J. Styles, saying that Styles has tremendous talent. Angle also talked about the fire and passion that Matt Morgan shows. Kurt said that Matt almost had him at Bound For Glory. Kurt said that the TNA no longer have to prove themselves to him. He said that he wanted to join them in their battles.

Rhino then came down to the ring. Rhino gave Kurt grief about his new attitude. Rhino said the Main Event Mafia is no more. Rhino talked about Booker being out. Rhino said that TNA management wanted the old guys gone. Rhino whined about the young guys taking their spots. Kurt said the TNA guys earned respect. Rhino said that they haven’t earned anything. Rhino grumbled about being replaced by Bobby Lashley.

Team 3D stormed to the ringside area. Brother Ray wanted to rip Rhino apart. Rhino said he did what he did to get Team 3D’s attention. Ray told Rhino that he was paranoid. The crowd gave Rhino Hell for his nasty attitude. Ray grabbed a chair and was ready to bash Rhino. The crowd called for a fight but Rhino said that there wouldn’t be one. Rhino told Team 3D to check the card and find that they aren’t on it. Rhino invited Team 3D to come out and watch Rhino fight Hernandez. Security had to restrain Team 3D. Kurt Angle asked Brother Ray to stop. Rhino said that TNA wanted him gone, but they would have to drag his lifeless body out of the Impact Zone. Rhino then stormed off.

Jay’s Thoughts My daughter has the perfect name for Rhino…Whine-O. His “Poor Lil’ Ol’ Me” rants are annoying. He has lost just about every high profile match in the last couple years. As for Kurt, I guess he’s going for a face turn. It’s not a good move for him. He’s always been better as a nasty heel.

Lauren talked with A.J. Styles and Daniels. She wondered what the two thought of Kurt’s comments. Styles said that if Kurt was sincere, it was a major step forward for the company. Lauren talked about the upcoming three way TNA World title match at Turning Point, which would Daniels, Styles and Samoa Joe. Daniels talked about how great the first Triple Threat between the three of them was incredible. He said the next one would top the first one. Daniels mentioned about almost dying in the ring at Bound For Glory. (He did take one Hell of a bump, landing on his neck after falling from the Ultimate X ropes). Daniels said that he and Styles were ready to face Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash, later in the show.

Mike Tenay talked about the Knockouts being in Muscle and Fitness. I saw the issue at the local superstore , the other day, and the girls are seriously hot in the magazine. Lauren talked with Raisha Saeed about having to fight Awesome Kong. Saeed was offended that Kong wanted to get rid of her and run solo. Saeed told Kong that she (Kong) was the puppet and Saeed would destroy Kong, later in the night. Tenay and Taz ran down the night’s card.

In the entrance tunnel, Homicide attacked Amazing Red. Homicide ran Red into the ring post after a brutal Clothesline. Red caught Homicide with a Superkick. Homicide tried for a Back Body Drop, on the concrete, but Red ended up on the apron, where he Back Kicked Homicide. Homicide brought Red down onto the apron.

Homicide d Amazing Red
Non-Title Match

Taz and Tenay talked about how Homicide trained Red. Homicide with the Scoop Slam but missed a trio of Elbow Drops. homicide launched Red with a Pump Handle Suplex. Homicide threw Red into the corner. Don West rallied the crowd for Red.Homicide Irish Whipped to the corner but missed the Splash. Homicide hit a Snake Eyes on Red and tried for a dirty pin. When the ref saw it, Homicide argued with him. That gave Red the opportunity for a School Boy, which garnered him a two.Red clocked Homicide with a Seated Enziguri. Red Dropkicked Homicide, in the corner, and then took Homicide down with a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors. Red ducked a Clothesline and hit a variation of the Superkick. Red then surprised everyone with a modified Canadian Destroyer! Homicide barely kicked out of the pin. Red Irish Whipped Homicide to the corner and went for a Splash. Homicide turned it into an Alabama Slam. Homicide then finished off Red with the Gringo Killa!

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts I’m not thrilled with Homicide’s new heel turn. He’s just becoming a foul-tempered thug that disgraces his massive talent with a stereotype character that annoys everyone. I’m still waiting for Don West to turn on Red and do him dirty. It’s really nice to see Red get his chance to shine.

Lauren chatted with Scott Steiner. She asked Scott is the Main Event Mafia was over. Scott said that the mafia would exist as long as Steiner was in TNA. Steiner wouldn’t give credit to the young kids. Steiner called Matt Morgan “Mike”. Steiner said he was ready to beat Morgan until he didn’t know his own name.

To the ringside area where Matt Morgan was making his entrance. Morgan really impressed me at Bound For Glory. He actually held his own against Kurt Angle. The siren wailed to herald the arrival of Steiner.

Matt Morgan d Scott Steiner

The Finish:

Morgan caught Steiner with a Short-arm Clothesline. Morgan Clotheslined Steiner and hit a Splash in the corner. Morgan nailed the Discus Clothesline. Morgan placed Steiner on the ropes and hit the Leg Lariat. The two went to the floor and fought next to Crystal. Steiner stopped and went back to Mrs. Lashley. He grabbed her and forced her to touch his chest. Bobby Lashley rushed down and went to town on Steiner. Steiner went to the eyes and tried for an Irish Whip. Lashley reversed it and Steiner struck the steel. Lashley threw Steiner into the ring and jumped on the apron. Morgan took advantage and took out Steiner with the Carbon Footprint!

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: So, Steiner gets to be the next stepping stone on Lashley’s “Goldberg Push”? Steiner deserves much better than that.

Lauren interviewed Awesome Kong. Kong took the stick. Kong said “No More Orders! Tonight, Finish!” TNA went to break.

Lauren tried to apologize to the Lashleys. Bobby said that TNA didn’t need to apologize, Scott Steiner needed to. Lashley told Scott that this was a game that he (Scott) didn’t want to play.

Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash came out for the tag team war. TNA looked back to Bound For Glory for for the screw-job by Eric Young Young double-crossed Nash to take the Legends title. A.J. Styles then arrived through the shower of sparks. He was joined by his long-time friend and partner, Daniels.

Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash d A.J. Styles and Daniels

The Finish

Tenay mentioned that Eric Young did not pay off the $60,000 that he promised Kevin Nash. Joe punched at Styles, who answered with punches of his own. Joe hit a Fore-arm Smash and tagged out. Nash hit a hard Fore-arm. Nash had a broken hand. Nash threw repeated Kneelifts in the corner. Nash then hit multiple Back Elbows to stun Styles. Styles kicked Nash and started punching. Nash cut him off with another Kneelift. Styles hit the Springboard Flying Fore-arm. Daniels called for the tag, which he got. Daniels took down both Joe and Nash with Leg Lariats and Fore-arm Shots. Nash reversed an Irish Whip but Daniels ended up Corner Clotheslining Joe. Daniels then shoved Joe into Nash and took them both down with a Flying Clothesline. Nash accidentally DDT’d his partner in the move. Daniels only got a two count. Daniels went to the ropes, only to get Clotheslined by Nash. Styles took out Joe, on the floor, with a Springboard Moonsault off the ropes. Daniels Enziguri’d Nash and went for the tag. Styles wasn’t there and Daniels ended up on the wrong end of a Chokeslam. Nash took the pin.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: I smell a Daniels heel turn coming. TNA needs to quit throwing out so many gray hats. Make them either black hats (heels) or white hats (faces).

Lauren talked with Nash, after the match. Nash said Eric stole his belt and his 60 Grand. Nash warned Eric that he was looking for him.

JB pushed the TNA text service. Eric rushed in and told Nash that he wasn’t hard to find. Eric said that he was the leader of the most dominant force in TNA. Eric said he had a major announcement for next week that would rock TNA to its core. He finished with “Vini, Vidi, Vici”…”We Came, We Saw, We Conquered! (I didn’t sleep through every second of High School Latin, just most of them).

Lauren interviewed Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley about their Tag Team Ultimate X match against Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed. It was a first for TNA. Chris talked about the Machine Gun Movement. Sabin said that they did double duty at Bound For Glory. Shelley, with an injured throat, croaked out that they out to make a name for themselves.

TNA went to a video package for The Beautiful People’s new film project, The Meanest Girls. It was a fluff piece about harassing the catering crew and Taylor Wilde and Sarita. The girls went all over the catering area. It turned into a serious food fight. Taz was doing his best Jerry Lawler imitation as the girls poured food all over the Knockout Tag Champs.

Raisha Saeed was already in the ring. Kong waited in the backstage area. She stormed towards the ring as TNA went back to break.

Awesome Kong d Raisha Saeed

Kong stormed to the ring as the crowd cheered her. Saeed was nervous as Kong stomped towards the ring. TNA showed how Saeed cost her the Knockouts title on Sunday. Kong blasted Saeed, who tried to crawl away. Kong sent Saeed around with the Giant Swing. Kong missed a Big Boot and a Splash. Saeed kept rolling to stay away from Kong. Saeed hit several Fore-arm Shots and a Dropkick to the knee. Kong then caught Saeed’s foot. Both went for Spinning Back Fists but missed. Kong Brick Walled Saeed and went to the corner. Saeed popped Kong in the race and kicked her, repeatedly. Saeed hit a Legdrop from the corner and drove Kong to the mat. Wow! Saeed kicked at Kong and climbed the turnbuckles. Saeed flew off the ropes…right into Kong’s knees. Kong went for the Double Underhook but Saeed spun free. Saeed went to the ropes and almost found herself in an Awesome Bomb. Saeed tried to Sunset Flip Kong but couldn’t get the 275 pounder over. Kong squashed Saeed with the Sit Down Splash. Kong finished off her now-former manager with the Implant Buster.

Grade: B

After the match, Kong dragged Saeed up the ramp. Kong kicked away at Saeed as they went to the top of the ramp. Kong Powerbombed Saeed through the pyro area of the entrance ramp. Saeed was down and seriously out. The ref called for help for Saeed. The trainer asked her if she was ok. She slipped and said “It’s not broken” She was saying something else, out of character, but TNA went to break.

Jay’s Thoughts: It looks like TNA is getting ready to eliminate the Raisha Saeed character and have the Alissa Flash become the dominant character in the Saeed/Flash/Cheerleader Melissa group.

Raisha Saeed was taken out on a stretcher. Rhino was then introduced for the next match.He was set to battle “SuperMex”, Hernandez. Team 3D were at the announce table to watch the match. Ray said that Rhino gave him a concussion on Sunday. Hernandez came out in his old outfit. No more red, white and green. He was back to the tank top and khaki shorts.

Hernandez d Rhino

The Finish:

Hernandez rolled rhino back in the ring and started to climb back into the ring. Rhino kicked the middle rope up into Hernandez’s nether regions and the big man fell to the mat. Rhino stomped away at Hernandez and choked him with the boot. Rhino rammed Hernandez’s face into the turnbuckle and then Snap Mared him to the middle of the ring. Rhino Scoop Slammed Hernandez and went to the ropes. Rhino missed the Benoit Flying Headbutt. Hernandez hit a pair of Clotheslines and sent Rhino to the corner. Hernandez hit a Big Splash and a Spinebuster. Rhino managed to kick out at two. Rhino sent Hernandez to the corner and Speared him. Hernandez rolled up the turnbuckles and sat on the top one. Rhino jumped Hernandez and tried for the Superplex. Hernandez shoved Rhino off and hit the Top Rope Splash to take the win.

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: First, Hernandez loses his push, now he’s lost his tri-colored ring gear. I guess he hopes of a title run are all but gone, now. He needs a partner and a chance to go after one of the two tag belts.

Rhino jumped Hernandez, after the match. Rhino planted Hernandez with the Belly to Belly and set for the Gore!. Hernandez side stepped it and tore off his shirt. Hernandez went for the Border Toss. Devon and Ray rushed in to prevent the move. The fans weren’t happy. Ray told Hernandez that he had a bright future ahead of him. Team 3D raised Hernandez’s hands in victory.

JB talked with Kurt Angle. Kurt admitted he was wrong. JB talked about Rhino’s issue that TNA wanted to replace the veterans. Kurt said he thought Rhino was just under confident. Desmond Wolf (Nigel McGuiness) walked in and introduced himself. Wolf said he got into wrestling because of Kurt. Kurt welcomed Wolf to TNA. Wold then attacked Kurt with European Uppercuts and Fore-arm Shots. JB asked Wolf if he was out of his mind. Wold walked off without comment.

TNA looked at the attack on Kurt from the last segment. Then it moved forward to Lethal Consequences v The Motor City Machine Guns in the first Tag Team Ultimate X Match.

Sabin and Shelley d Lethal and Creed
Tag Team Ultimate X Challenge Match

The Finish:

Lethal fought out of the Double Team but Shelley got a Knife Edge Chop in to stagger Lethal. Lethal was Double Whipped to the corner but he was able to get the boots up for both members of the Motor City Machine Guns. Creed hit a Springboard Missile Dropkick to Sabin but Shelley caught Creed with a vicious Back Heel Kick to the face. Lethal kept Shelley from going up the turnbuckles. Lethal launched Shelley with a Release Dragon Suplex. Sabin drilled Lethal with an Enziguri. Sabin followed that with a Springboard Tornado DDT! Lethal rolled to the apron. Creed hit a Clothesline on Sabin. Creed hit a Thrust Kick and Lethal joined him for a Cradle Powerbomb. Sabin fought off both opponents, kicking Creed in the face. Lethal tripped Sabin and locked in a Boston Crab. Creed started up the truss but Shelley stopped him. The Guns worked together to hit a Springboard variation of the Doomsday Device. Sabin started to climb to the Ultimate X ropes. Lethal caught him, brought him down and applied the Lethal Combination. Shelley, meanwhile, was starting up the other side. Lethal rushed over and started pounding on Shelley. Shelley hit Sliced Bread off the truss on Lethal, while Sabin also Powerbomb Lethal! Shelley grabbed his knee in pain as Sabin started up the truss. Sabin seemed dizzy just before he jumped for the Ultimate X ropes. He started to scoot across the ropes but Creed went to stop him. It was too late as Sabin grabbed the “X” and dropped down to the canvas to take the future title shot for his team.

Grade: A+

Jay’s Thoughts These two teams deserve to be in the tag title hunt. They are great in the X-Division but the tag scene is getting rather stale. The Guns now get a shot at the tag belts at the next PPV. Well, maybe they will. I don’t want to totally spoil things but one of the Guns got hurt pretty bad at a TV taping, after this show.

Don West ran down some upcoming events. Lauren then congratulated the British Invasion about winning the TNA World Tag Titles. Doug talked about being able to eliminate the Main Event Mafia. Brutus said that they would make Beer Money both sober and poor. Brutus Magnus mocked Beer Money by saying “Sorry ’bout your Bloody Lock”. JB then talked with Roode and Storm, Beer Money. Roode said that they weren’t worried about facing the Brits inside the steel cage. Storm asked the Brits “Who’s Yer Daddy?” Storm told the Brits to “Take out the tampon and grow a set”. “Sorry about your Damn Luck”.

Both teams arrived for the steel cage title match. The match would get going, after a set of commercials.

Beer Money, Inc. d The British Invasion (by DQ)
Six Sides of Steel for the TNA World Tag Titles

The Finish:

Doug went to the top of the cage and Storm rocked Brutus with a Jumping Enziguri. Storm rushed up to get Doug. Brutus slid underneath Storm for an Electric Chair from the ropes. Roode went for a Powerbomb on Brutus. Storm, meanwhile, hit a UltraPlex off the top of the cage. All four men crashed to the canvas. It was a monster Tower Of Doom! The crowd exploded at the huge move. Beer Money nailed their DWI finisher but Brutus stopped the ref from counting. Brutus slugged the ref, Slick Johnson. Earl Hebner, along with other refs, came out to check on Johnson. Hebner, as senior ref, disqualified the British Invasion. Beer Money won the match, but the Brits kept the gold.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: That match would have had a much higher rating but that lousy finish really ruined it. I’m curious to see what the future holds for Roode and Storm. Chris Harris has been making backstage appearances, of late. I wonder if America’s Most Wanted will face the British Invasion in the near future. As for Roode, I expect him to feud with Eric Young, eventually.

The Brits mocked Beer Money. In the back, Kurt Angle walked towards the entrance area…in full ring gear!

Lauren caught up to A.J. Styles. She tried to push an issue between Styles and Daniels. Styles blew it off. Styles was jumped as he put his gear in his car. It was impossible to see who jumped him.

Jay’s THoughts: Nothing like a over-cliched “Who Done It” storyline.

Tenay and Taz ran down next week’s card. Kurt came out yelling that no one was going to make a name off him. Kurt called out Wolf as the cage was being taken apart. Kurt took off his medals and waited for Desmond Wolf. Kurt went out to find Wolf. Wolf Blind Sided Angle and then went to the ring. Angle jumped Wold and ran him into the announce table. Angle threw Wolf into the ring. Wolf hit a nasty Low Blow on Angle. Wolf put Angle on the top rope and hit a Rope-Assisted Diamond Cutter on Angle. Wolf grabbed a steel chair and got back in the ring. Rolf put the chair into Angle’s throat and threatened to slam it into the throat. Wolf told Angle to think about him…Wolf, Desmond Wolf!

Jay’s Thoughts: Desmond/Nigel gets the gold star for best debut in a major federation in many years. Why not go after one of the top guys in the business, right off the bat.

Final Grade: A-

Final Thoughts: TNA followed up a fantastic PPV with an above average Impact. I think Wolf is going to make things really interesting in TNA. Angle really needed a good feud to get back on top. This one’s going to push both men. TNA’s title pictures are a bit hazy, right now, but they should smooth out in the next few months. TNA is gettting even closer to being on par with WWE. It may never happen, but they are putting on shows that are much better than WWE, these days.


— Jay Shannon
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