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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The Impact (11/19) Insight
Our resident philosopher looks at the post-Turning Point edition of TNA.

The fallout from Turning Point was almost nuclear. Plus, TNA rolled closer to the arrival of Hulk Hogan in the Impact Zone. Most stars gave their feedback, one of which provided a rather cryptic clue about the future.

This Week’s Episode: Burn, Baby Burn

The show opened with a look back at Turning Point. It turned out to be a pretty good show, despite no title changes.

Mike Tenay profiled the main event and then sent it to the ring. Mick Foley and Abyss came out to a huge pop. Tenay talked about Raven returning last week and throwing a fireball into Foley’s face. Foley’s left eye was bandaged. Foley said that almost losing his sight opened his eyes. Foley complained that Dixie Carter didn’t inform him about Hulk Hogan coming to TNA. Foley wondered if he was still valued in TNA. Foley said Carter won’t return his calls and he even had to show his ID to get into the Impact Zone. Abyss tried to calm Foley down and get him back on topic…Dr. Stevie and Raven. Foley started griping about Raven preventing him and Abyss from getting rid of Dr. Stevie. Foley said he was ready to exact revenge. Abyss tried to talk Foley out of it. Foley said Raven and Dr. Stevie were playing with fire.

Out comes Dr. Stevie, Raven and Daffney. Stevie got in all kinds of fire-related puns about Foley looking all hot and bothered. Stevie said he had to answered the challenge of Foley to eliminate him. Stevie compared himself to a cornered, rabid animal. Stevie said “they” would end things. Raven then took over and said he was disappointed with Foley. Raven said Foley was more interested in politics, than fighting. Raven taunted Foley’s authority (great Cartman impression). Raven and Foley got into a war of words, with Foley making a match between himself and Abyss against Raven and Stevie. Taz felt Raven had just “played” Foley.

Tenay and Taz really pushed how great Turning Point was. Tenay then talked about Sting‘s press conference. Tenay said it turned into something unexpected. In the back, JB talked with Kurt Angle and A.J. Styles. JB mentioned that both Desmond Wolfe and Daniels both stated that they were not pinned on Sunday. Styles said he would throw out his friendship with Daniels, if he had to. Styles and Daniels would face off in the next PPV. Angle then talked about facing Wolfe. Angle then wanted to know why Daniels got a title shot at Final Resolution, instead of him. Styles said he looked forward to fighting Kurt but he needed to finish things with Daniels. Styles told Kurt he would face him, anytime. The two had a long staredown but nothing came of it.

Scott Steiner came out to the screaming sirens. TNA looked at the situation between Steiner and Bobby Lashley. Steiner blasted Lashley in the head with a piece of steel to take the match. Amazing Red and Don West then came out. West was now wearing a glow-in-the-dark red shirt. West was giving a major pep talk to the X-Division champ, Red.

Amazing Red d Scott Steiner (by DQ)
Non-Title Match

The Finish:

Steiner lifted Red and Press Slammed Red. Steiner dropped Red and then picked him back up. Steiner hit a Clothesline off the Irish Whip. He dropped the Elbow but did Push-ups, instead of taking the pin. Steiner with the Rolling Belly to Belly Suplex. West screamed at Steiner. Scoot with a Stall Suplex into a Brain Buster. Steiner went out and got the steel pipe. The ref warned Steiner, but it didn’t do any good. Steiner popped Red with the pipe. He then put the belt across Red’s face and punched it into Red’s face. Bobby Lashley ran out to make the save. Steiner screamed at Lashley, from the floor.

Grade: C+

Jay’s Thoughts: What the Hell was that? Red is the top guy in the X-Division and he’s used as a way to help push a mediocre feud? Bad, Sport, real bad. Somebody really needs to get TNA new writers, seriously.

JB then talked with Kevin Nash and Eric Young. At the PPV, Nash bashed James Storm in the head with the Global title. Nah handed the Global belt back to E.Y. Nash said Eric was able to out-think him, the smartest man in the business. Nash compared Eric to Scott Hall (kinda). Nash offered Eric the opportunity to tag with him. Nash wanted to know if Eric had a problem with Nash being an American. Eric didn’t. Nash said he would have answers for Mick Foley by the end of the night.

The next match was an 8-man tag. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley came out in new gear. Tenay teased a return of the nWo. Beer Money, Inc (James Storm and Robert Roode) then came out to join the Motor City Machine Guns. Their opponents were: Kiyoshi, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams

Beer Money, Inc. and The Motor City Machine Guns d World Elite
Eight-Man Tag Match

The Finish:

Shelley spun to his feet and they exchanged Knife Edge Chops as the Impact Zoners “Woo’d” in unison. Kiyoshi with a Thrust Kick to Shelley’s throat. Kiyoshi rushed at Shelley, in the corner. Shelley grabbed Kiyoshi and dragged him down, face first, into the middle turnbuckle. Shelley rushed to the corner and brought Sabin back into the match. Kiyoshi tagged out to Magnus. Sabin caught Magnus with kicks to the ribs that sounded like a shotgun blast. Sabin swept the leg of Brutus and then kicked him in the chest. Magnus went to the corner but Sabin bounced off the opposite turnbuckle to get a good running start. He threw a Flying Fore-arm that rocked the Brit. Sabin screamed out and then caught Magnus with a Springboard Clothesline. The rest of the World Elite came in to make the save. The match broke down as everyone went to the floor. Beer Money lifted Bashir and ran his crotch into the ring post. (Every man watching just cringed, including me). In the ring, the Guns double teamed Magnus with a Step-up Dropkick. Beer Money Double Suplexed Kiyoshi on the ramp. Beer Money got in Eric’s face as another ref tried to hold them back. In the ring, Big Rob Terry came in to try and aid his British Invasion partners. He accidentally Clotheslined his own partner, Brutus Magnus. The Guns then hit a Double Kick to the face. Sabin locked in a Neckbreaker and Shelley hit a Flying Crossbody to take out Magnus.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: Some Williams and Roode basically get the night off? Their involvement in this one was minimal. The match was still great. I smell a face turn for “Big” Rob in the near future. Throw him in with Hernandez, D’Angelo Dinero and Matt Morgan as “Future Shock”.

Eric read the riot act to “Big” Rob Terry. Backstage, Mick Foley was searching for Kevin Nash.

Foley said to Nash that he was “Hogan’s Boy”. Nash was offended as being called a boy. Foley wanted to know what Hogan was up to. Nash said it was all about business. Nash was upset about getting a two-week suspension. Nash said if Foley could get him his money back, he’d have answers. Nash then left Foley with the cryptic…”When Hulk comes back, he’s not coming alone”. Hmmm…

Jay’s Thoughts: Could there be an nWo reunion? Could Nash be just talking about Bischoff? Will Batman escape the Joker’s latest dastardly joke? Oops…sorry. Anyway, I love when wrestlers get all cryptic.

TNA then went to a video package about Hogan joining with TNA. Hogan said the wrestling world would be turned upside down.

Abyss begged Foley to listen to him. Abyss was concerned about Foley’s eye. Abyss said that there was no jobs for blind wrestlers. (Well, George Weingroff did make a decent living in the old World Class days). Foley made it into a joke about becoming a ref. Abyss tried to get JB to talk sense into Foley. Foley then snapped and said none of this was funny. Foley said he needed to do what he needed to do. Abyss talked about all the years of pain endured and issued. Abyss said Foley was in no shape to fight. Foley appreciated Abyss’ concern but Foley felt the need to make the decision. Abyss accepted it but didn’t like it. Foley then whined about being kept out of the loop by Dixie Carter about Hogan. Foley skirted around my favorite quote of all time:

“When you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” — “Freewill” by Rush

Back to the Impact Zone for a Knockout match. Hamada made her way into the ring. She flipped into the ring as the fans cheered her. her opponent was Taylor Wilde.

Hamada d Taylor Wilde

The Finish:

Wilde kicked out of the pin and flipped out of a Belly to Back Suplex. Wilde did the Gail Kim RopeWalk/Arm Drag combo. Wilde with a Roundhouse Kick to Hamada’s face. Hamada nailed a Close Quarters Superkick. Hamada hit the Moonsault but only got a two. Hamada tried, twice, for a Powerbomb. On the second attempt, Wilde turned it into a Roll-up. She only got a two. Wilde used a Crucifix Backslide for a two count. Wilde with a Flying Headscissors into an Inverted Victory Roll for another two. Hamada rocked Wilde with an Enziguri. Hamada tried for the infamous Hamada Driver but Wilde Floated Over. Wilde tried for a German Suplex but Hamada blocked it. Hamada hit a Jumping Roundhouse Kick to the face and finished off Wilde with the Hamada Driver.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: Somebody call the WWE, there are women who can actually wrestle. These two put on a heck of an outing in this short little battle. I want to see more of this. I wish Hamada would bring in a partner from Japan and go after the tag belts.

Abyss flipped Foley’s desk over to block the door so Foley couldn’t go to the ring. Dr. Stevie, Raven and Daffney walked backstage.

TNA ran another video piece of Hogan touting how much TNA is going to explode now that he’s joined the team.

Raven and Dr. Stevie strolled to the ring. Daffney was left in the back, darn it. Abyss’ music then rang out. The Monster walked out alone for the battle. Abyss cleared the ring of his foes. Foley’s music then went off. Foley didn’t arrive for the battle.

Abyss d Raven and Dr. Stevie (DQ)
Handicap Match

The Finish:

Dr. Stevie got Abyss in the ring and pounded away. Raven took the tag and kicked and punched Abyss. Stevie tagged in and they double teamed him. Abyss was choked on the ropes by both opponents. Raven and Stevie took turns pounding on Abyss’ back. That seemed to fire up the Monster, as he started punching away at both men. Abyss Power Whipped Raven into Dr. Stevie, in the corner. Abyss Splashed both of them and went for the Double Goozle. Raven and Dr. Stevie kicked their way free and sent Abyss to the ropes. Abyss managed to Clothesline Raven. Stevie went for the StevieKick but Abyss caught the foot. He hoisted Dr. Stevie into position and delivered a little Shock Treatment. Raven jumped Abyss before Abyss could make the pin. Raven went into his pocket for something. Raven was setting for another Fireball but Abyss Big Booted Raven. The ref, for some odd reason, called for the bell and gave the DQ win to Abyss. Huh?

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: While I’m glad to see Abyss getting some air time, I think this is not a good move for The Monster. He’s completely out of any title picture and he’s fighting two men who are nearing the end of their careers. The only good thing is we get to see Daffney.

After the match, Abyss attacked Raven on the floor. The two threw punches until Dr. Stevie jumped Abyss from behind. Daffney then came out. Raven hit the Evenflow DDT. Dr. Stevie had a heavy duty cable. Raven used it, over the ropes, to hang Abyss.

ODB presented her talk show…Trash Talking. She brought out her guest…Homicide. He brought her a bottle of tequila. ODB brought up “The Skull Guy”, Suicide. Homicide made fun of Suicide’s look, under the mask. Homicide wanted to get rowdy with ODB and make the show “mature”. They stared dancing around, acting a fool.

Jay’s Thoughts: When will these wrestling companies understand that these talk segments are a complete and total waste of air time?

Tomko returned to TNA! Lauren talked with him. He wanted to show Dixie Carter how good he could be. When he walked off, The Beautiful People came out to make fun of Lauren’s announcing skills. It was one of the lamest segments in TNA history. Yawn.

A.J. Styles pushed Hogan’s arrival as a positive change for TNA. Styles wanted to ask Hogan so many questions to learn from The Hulkster.

Alissa Flash came out for the next match. I’m glad she ditched that hood she wore as Raisha Saeed. Flash is actually a very beautiful woman. TNA looked at Flash’s attack on the birth defected arm of Traci Brooks, last week. Flash’s opponent was the other half of the Knockout tag champs, Sarita.
Sarita d Alissa Flash

The Finish:

Flash hit a Fore-arm Smash and then choked Sarita with the boot. Sarita fought back and caught Flash with a great Over-head Suplex. Sarita and Flash went back and forth with Roundhouse Kicks. Sarita ducked a Clothesline and then dropped Flash with a Springboard Dropkick that was too sweet for words. Sarita tried for a Butterfly Back Suplex but Flash powered out. Flash hit an amazing Belly to Back Suplex with a remarkable hang time. Sarita kicked out and Flash just couldn’t believe it. Flash went for a Scoop Slam and another Belly to Back Suplex, both of which were blocked. Sarita with the Inverted Small Package for a two. Sarita caught Flash with an Enziguri-like Mule Kick that knocked Flash out cold.

Grade: B+

After the battle, Traci Brooks came out and tore into Alissa Flash. Security broke it up. In the back, Foley screamed for Raven and Dr. Stevie. They ambushed him and choked him with the cable. They taunted Foley as he gasped for air. They even through out the “Have a nice day” catchphrase at him. TNA went to break.

Jay’s Thoughts: Another decent Knockout match? TNA must be getting ready to launch that all-Knockout show that was rumored. TNA really needs to scout Mexico and Japan to find some fresh female talent.

Team 3D and Rhino came out for a six-man Street Fight. The ring was surrounded by “toys”. Their opponents were D’Angelo Dinero, Matt Morgan and Hernandez.

Brother Ray, Brother Devon and Rhino d Hernandez, Matt Morgan and D’Angelo Dinero

Six-Man Street Fight

The Finish:

Dinero and Ray ended up fighting on the ropes. In the ring. Morgan whipped Devon too the corner. Morgan with a Corner Clothesline. Morgan then put a trash can over Devon’s head and nailed the See-Saw Back Elbows into the can. Morgan with another Corner Splash. Morgan couldn’t get the pin. Morgan and Devon went to the floor. Rhino and Hernandez got in the ring and Rhino hit a Corner Shoulder Thrust. Hernandez kicked him away and rolled up the turnbuckles. Rhino and Hernandez fought on the ropes. Hernandez shoved Rhino down to the canvas. Dinero placed a cookie sheet on Rhino’s chest and Hernandez hit a Sky-High Splash. Rhino was able to get free. ray jumped Hernandez and Scoop Slammed him. Ray called for the Wazzup! Dinero used a kendo stick to stop it. Dinero walloped both of Team 3D, over and over. Devon was Rocker Launched off the ropes by Morgan. Dinero then hit a Savage Elbow off the ropes…into the nether regions of Devon. That just wasn’t right…I don’t care who you are.

Dinero called for Morgan and Hernandez to “Get the Tables!” Morgan and Ray fought on the floor. Dinero clubbed Devon with the can lids. Morgan went for a Legdrop off the apron but Ray moved. Morgan crashed through the table. Team 3D caught Dinero with the 3D. Hernandez hit the Slingshot Double Clothesline. Hernandez went to Border Toss Rhino but saw Devon with a chair. Hernandez released Rhino and punched the chair into Devon’s face. Hernandez Speared Rhino but the ref was pulled out of the ring. Jesse Neal then slid into the ring and busted Hernandez in the head with a chair shot. Jesse had a new Mohawk haircut and all kinds of tribal ink on his chest and arms.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: So, Jesse Neal now looks like a cheap imitation of Shannon Moore and has kind of a Mad Max mentality thing going? That beats the heck out of the flag-waving, all-American hero gimmick that made me want to hurl day-glo.

JB talked with the victors of the last match. Rhino welcomed Jesse to “The Cause”. Jesse didn’t like being touched. Ray said Jesse’s new look and attitude came from training with them. He called Jesse a “B.M.F”. Out of respect to our younger readers, I won’t go into what that stands for. Ray said that Jesse was part of the new Hardcore Wrecking Crew. Jesse said he would become the best. Devon said the Hardcore Wrecking Crew would eliminate Dinero, Morgan and Hernandez from TNA. Testify.

Tenay mentioned about the scheduled interview with Sting. Sting now lives in the Dallas area. Sting “No-Showed” for the interview.

Lauren talked with Wolfe and Daniels. Lauren wanted to know if Daniels and Wolfe could get along. Wolfe had a lot of respect for Daniels. Wolfe claimed Kurt used an illegal submission move on Sunday. Daniels wanted Lauren to announce that it was the first time (in TNA) that Wolfe and Daniels had teamed. Daniels said Styles could not beat him. Daniels was determined to prove to Styles that he was worthy of a solo title shot. They headed towards the ring for the main event as TNA went to break.

Daniels and Wolfe came out for the main event. I hear there is another Feast or Fired match in the near future. Daniels should be worried. Kurt then rose from the depths of the Impact Zone. Kurt got a huge cheer and an “An-gle” chant from the crowd. Kurt was in his new ring outfit. Styles then came out through the shower of sparks.

Daniels and Desmond Wolfe d Kurt Angle and A.J. Styles

The Finish:

Daniels took the tag and hit an Inverted Arm Drag on Kurt. Daniels tried to rip Kurt’s arm out of the socket. Wolfe tagged back in and nailed a Trapped Arm Suplex. Kurt began to fight back but Wolfe used a Power Spin Yank to send Kurt crashing to the canvas. Daniels came back in and pounded on the shoulder. Kurt caught Daniels with the Snap Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex. Kurt crawled to his corner for the hot tag. Wolfe also took the tag on his side. Styles dropped Wolfe with Running Fore-arms and Back Elbows. Styles caught Wolfe off the ropes with an Spicoli Driver into a Backbreaker. Wow. Styles set for the Styles Clash but Wolfe powered out. Styles caught Wolfe with the Pele Kick. Styles went to the top rope but Daniels tripped him. Wolfe used a Tower of London (Rope-Assisted Stunner from the top rope). Styles, somehow, kicked out at two. Angle rushed in and charged at Wolfe. Wolfe made a passing tag to Daniels on his way out of the ring. Daniels hit the B.M.E to beat A.J. Styles!

Grade: A+

Jay’s Thoughts: TNA got it right with these four. Daniels plays the poor little ol’ me role to a T. Wolfe lost at Turning Point but still looks promisiong. Styles is ready to face off in a “former best friends” feud with Daniels. Someone definitely earned their Christmas Bonus when they decided to set these match-ups.

Final Grade: B+

Final Thoughts: TNA is in flux. The Hogan thing will either make or break TNA. TNA is building some interesting feuds that could culminate in the revirth of the nWo or something similar. This week’s show was definitely above average.

–Jay Shannon
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