The Last Outlaw, by Stan Hansen (book)

After four years in the making, Stan Hansen’s autobiography, “The Last Outlaw,” is now available at Crowbar Press (

Stan Hansen’s account of his wrestling career is a veritable guidebook of professional wrestling in Japan.  In “The Last Outlaw,” he tackles every subject imaginable as he educates and entertains readers with his stories about the promoters and their promotions, how the Japanese promoters operate their business behind the scenes, touring the country on the wrestling bus, the nightlife in the big cities, and how the sport in Japan differs from that in the U.S.

He also goes into detail about his time in Louisiana, Georgia, the AWA, and the WWWF.  And what would a “Stan Hansen book” be without personal stories about the time he spent with Bruiser Brody: how they first met, the story behind their becoming a team, spending time in the evenings on the streets and in the clubs of Japan, and his own, personal insight into the “real” Bruiser Brody.

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We also have new posters available from Crowbar Press.  “Superstars of Professional Wrestling” features the AWA, Georgia, and Mid-Atlantic territories, the Golden Age of Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, and the Lovely “But Lethal” Ladies.  Now available in three sizes – 8×10, 12×16 and 16×20 – these posters are sure to please those who appreciate the history of pro wrestling.

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