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EXCLUSIVE: WWE Knew Chris Benoit Was the Perpetrator Before Staging ‘Monday Night Raw’ Tribute
Back on June 25, 2007, Michael Benoit couldn’t have cared less about the exact timelines for the determination that his son, the famous pro wrestler Chris Benoit, had murdered his wife Nancy and their 7-year-old son Daniel before killing himself, all over the course of a weekend at their gated mansion outside Atlanta, Georgia…. But now, in an exclusive interview, Benoit talks about how he and his wife Margaret got the awful news. Combined with newly released public records from Fayette County, Georgia, Benoit’s information answers one of the most controversial questions in the aftermath of the tragedy: What did World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon know and when did he know it? Is it true, as some WWE critics speculated early on, that McMahon staged a tribute to Chris Benoit on Monday Night Raw, hours after the bodies of the families were found, with full knowledge that Benoit was not a victim of the incident, but rather its perpetrator?



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* EXCLUSIVE: WWE Knew Chris Benoit Was the Perpetrator Before Staging ‘Monday Night Raw’ Tribute