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The Marty Jannetty Story, An Autobiographical Documentary DVD
Available at www.themartyjannettystory.com

The Rockers, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty, were one of the most popular tag teams in wrestling in the late ‘80s through the early ‘90s. The team’s on-screen split of occurred when Shawn Michaels super-kicked Marty and then hurled him through a plate glass window, forever known as “The Barber Shop Window Angle”. ‘

Shawn Michaels became a singles wrestler thereafter and his career ascended to greatness, as he steadily rose up the ranks of the WWE to become a multi-time champion and major main event attraction. He is widely considered one of the most talented and successful WWE wrestlers of all time.

Whatever happened to “the other Rocker”, Marty Jannetty? His time as Shawn Michaels tag team partner was arguably the highpoint of a career that has continued, like Michaels, for seventeen years after the split. Yet, while Shawn Michaels headlines WrestleManias and remains a favorite to
generations of fans, Marty Jannetty has wrestled in obscurity for most of the last decade.

The Marty Jannetty Story is a two-disc documentary DVD that chronicles the life of “the other Rocker” from the beginning of his pro wrestling career through present time.

Told by Marty himself, watch and learn the direction his career and personal life took after the end of The Rockers and all the off-camera drama that went with it. Hear Marty tell his version of several stories that have circulated about him for years. The video also features footage of Marty at recent wrestling appearances before, during, and after his matches, as well as footage of him giving a seminar and a training session at a wrestling school. The set of two DVDs contains over 4 hours total of footage.