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The official voice of World Class Championship Wrestling, Bill Mercer, & the legendary
World Class manager, Gary Hart, were two of the special guests on the “Merry Mayhem Christmas Spectacular” edition of Monday Night Mayhem (presented by Sweet Sunshine Sauces) — which can be heard in streaming audio every week (hosted by The Big Mosh & Blade, and heard LIVE at 8PM ET/7PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (www.MondayNightMayhem.com, www.OnlineWorldOfWrestling.com, & www.ITunes.com).

This once-in-a-lifetime World Class Roundtable can now be heard for FREE in Real Audio.

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Here are some of the highlights from Bill & Gary’s joint appearance on the show, provided by The Mayhem’s co-host, The Big Mosh.


As wrestling fans around the world celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first World Class Championship Wrestling “Christmas Star Wars” event at Reunion Arena in Dallas, TX — an event that jump-started one of the most famous heel turns of all time, which was the impetus that began The Von Erichs/Fabulous Freebirds feud, The Big Mosh & Blade welcomed Bill Mercer & “Playboy” Gart Hart back to “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio,” coming off the heels of the the release of the all-new “Triumph & Tragedy Of World Class Championship Wrestling” DVD, produced by World Wrestling Entertainment.

Bill & Gary thanked Mosh & Blade for the chance to reunite just in time for the holidays. Gary broke the ice for the listening audience, as he wished to put to bed the rumors of Jessica Simpson breaking the concentration of the starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo.

Starting on that note, Mosh mentioned that “America’s Team” is planning on opening their new stadium very shortly, and that Texas Stadium would be closing up shop. The Mayhem Crew wanted to get the candid thoughts of Gary & Bill on the greatest moments that took place at that stadium, especially in how it played an integral role in the history & lineage of World Class Championship Wrestling. Both of the “concrete blocks” of WCCW agreed 100% with Blade & Mosh that the shows at Texas Stadium were very important to the success of the company, and provided many great memories for the fans out there — including the David Von Erich “Parade Of Champions” shows. Besides Shea Stadium in New York, Texas Stadium & World Class had the drawing power to get hardcore wrestling fans, as well as casual fans together in one place at the same time. Gary & Bill also wished to credit the Dallas Cowboys organization for making these events at their home turf ones for the ages.

Gary wished to add a very important part about World Class: the fact that families could sit together & watch their programming, without any doubt or hesitation about any sort or kind of questionable contest — something that you cannot necessarily guarantee about today’s product/wrestling & sports-entertainment scene. Bill concurred with that statement, and also brought up to Mosh & Blade that still, to this day (20+ years later), he has fans that watched WCCW with their families come up to him wherever he goes, with that simple mention. Both agreed that this is one of the main reasons for how World Class Championship Wrestling should be remembered.

With regards to the newly-released “Triumph & Tragedy Of World Class Championship Wrestling” DVD released by World Wrestling Entertainment, many wrestling “purists” were worried that the WW might “put their own spin” on the World Class product or possibly just focus on what they might wanted to focus in on in more detail. Gary wished to go on record by saying that “this was one of the finest DVD’s that has ever been created by the WWE, and that it accurately depicted the events of the time.” He also wished to add that he does not find fault with any part of the finished product. “They were caring about how they handled the deaths,” (from WCCW) and also brought back what made WCCW so great. Gary was brought to have been a part of the DVD release, and gives the WWE credit for doing “a fabulous job.” Bill would have like to “add his two cents” with Gary’s astute analysis, but he was unable to view the DVD as of the time of this interview, simply because his DVD player was broken for a few weeks. His intentions are to still watch the DVD, but he was able to clearly say that the WWE film/camera crew that interviewed him a few months back were very prepared, knew their facts, & did plenty of research leading into their visit with him. Bill even said that the WWE crew told him that World Class was truly “ahead of the curve and ahead of the time.”

Several weeks ago on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, we saw one of the members of The Fabulous Freebirds, the legendary Michael “P.S.” Hayes, promote the new WCCW DVD on “The MVP Lounge,” which led into an on-air altercation with WWE’s United States Champion, MVP, only to be saved by Rey Mysterio. On the topic of how World Wrestling Entertainment has promoted the DVD on the air, Gary said that Hayes (along with Bruiser Brody) were two of the vital parts that made World Class as successful as it was. “You cannot find fault with how New York promotes” its DVD’s/overall product. Both Bill & Gary agreed with Mosh & Blade that if there was someone to go on WWE television & promote this new DVD, there would be no better choice than the passionate, dedicated, & emotional Hayes himself.

Gary & Bill were a little taken aback at the fact the WWE would be willing to make a DVD documentary from something that happened well over 20+ years ago, but that the fans should be credited & complemented for turning this into a reality. “The interest was still there to put out a great presentation.” Triple H was one of the featured current WWE superstars to give his thoughts on the World Class product, and Gary strongly believes that Hunter (along with other WWE superstars & millions of fans around the world), who he described as a “true student of the game,” watched the WCCW shows every week growing up, and thoroughly enjoyed “the rough style” of World Class. Bill does not see anything like they did happening again — especially since the product has changed so much from the late ’80’s to now.

Blade asked both Bill & Gary if they think had it not been for the tragic death of Kerry Von Erich, would he have been an even greater star in his time in World Wrestling Entertainment. Bill described Kerry as “a really nice kid,” and complimented his amateur athletic background before he got started in the business (as an extremely-successful discus thrower, who actually was supposed to have gone to the Olympics, had it not have been for the U.S. boycott). Gary & Bill remember the tenacity he still had after Kerry lost his foot, and how even though he suffered so much personal tragedy, he tried to persevere as much as he could. Gary strongly feels as well that Kerry did achieve a level of success in the WWE, capturing the Intercontinental Championship.

Bill & Gary can see the entire Von Erich family going into the WWE Hall Of Fame eventually, if not this upcoming year in Orlando, FL, as part of the WrestleMania XXIV weekend. Gary brings up how the AWA’s Verne Gagne & The Sheik got inducted into the WWE HOF, and he can also see other former great wrestlers getting their just due down the road. He sees this as the WWE giving back to those who paved the way for today’s talented superstars, as well as the company trying to “broaden its base” for those in multiple organizations who had long & illustrious careers. He thinks that fans should not blame Vince McMahon for being the only man left standing, and that it is gracious of him & the company to invite those from the NWA & the AWA into his organization.

Would Gary or Bill change anything from the history of World Class? Gary would not alter anything from the course of WCCW, but would like to bring back Geno Hernandez, Mike Von Erich, David Von Erich, Chris Adams, Bruiser Brody, & several others, so they could be with us today, and enjoy the success that World Class Championship Wrestling is now enjoying into 2008. Looking back, Bill would like to have seen World Class tour more throughout the world, and take its television program with it — which is one of the reasons that many individuals believe why WCCW had its untimely demise.

Mercer also stated that his book, “Play-By-Play, will be released soon in worldwide distribution in 2008. This book will be a “must-read” for all wrestling fans looking for insight from one of broadcast journalism greatest personalities.

This interview with Bill & Gary’s uncensored comments/thoughts on how groundbreaking the vignettes & personality profiles were to World Class, the nature of showing WCCW’s talents as “real people,” and why wrestlers should be remembered as “wrestlers,” and not necessarily for what company they competed with & performed for.

*Want to win a copy of BOTH World Class DVD’s: the “Heroes Of World Class” DVD (courtesy: www.BigVisionEntertainment.com & www.www.RightHerePictures.com), as well as the WWE’s “Triumph & Tragedy Of World Class Championship Wrestling” DVD? E-mail The Big Mosh & Blade at [email protected], MySpace The ‘Ham at www.MySpace.com/MondayNightMayhem, or sign up for The Mayhem’s Message Board at www.MondayNightMayhem.com — We are looking for the best correspondence from the fans as to why World Class should be remembered by today’s audience. The best e-mail/MySpace message/MNM board post will get their hands on BOTH WCCW DVD’s. What a great post-holiday gift to receive!

Plus, The Big Mosh & Blade have of the fallout from the Armageddon PPV, along with Monday Night RAW, ECW, & SmackDown — as World Wrestling Entertainment invaded the hometown of The ‘Ham — Buffalo, NY. And The Monster Factory’s Jim Molineaux & Ed Atlas returned for their second-consecutive year of giving out their “Christmas presents.” Who was naughty in the world of wrestling in 2007? Who was nice? You have to listen in to find out!

And to wrap up the last live edition of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio” prior to the holiday season, The Mayhem broke down the year that was: “2007: The Year In Entertainment,” with VH-1 “”Best Week Ever” panelist & stand-up comedian, Greg Fitzsimmons. The Hogan Family splitting apart at the seams, Britney & K-Fed’s break-up, Jamie Lynn Spears getting pregnant, Lindsay Lohan’s rehab stint, Al Gore being well…everywhere, “Sanjata-Mania” running wild, the writer’s guild strike, & much more happened in 2k7, and who else better to put the bow on these past 12 months that “The Fitz Dog” himself. Head on over to www.GregFitzsimmons.com & www.MySpace.com/Fitzdog for where you can see Greg perform in the new year.

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