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The Mystery “X” Attacker is CAC Honoree

Courtesy of ProWrestling.com:  On Impact Wrestling tonight, the long-awaited reveal of the Mystery X Attacker took place at the end of the show.  After the main event match, the camera cut to the back and revealed Petey Williams standing over another victim and holding the X card. This lead to Sonjay Dutt arriving on the scene and accusing Williams of being the attacker as he was “caught red-handed”. Dutt then ordered security to handcuff Williams before exiting the scene.

The arresting officer cuffed Williams, but before taking him away, he attacked Williams out of nowhere before clubbing him with his nightstick. The officer informed Williams he was under arrest for “the crimes that you should have committed,” then removed his hat and shirt and revealed himself to be Killer Kross, the CAC 2018 Rising Star Honoree, and the Mystery X Attacker.

Kross ended the segment by looking into the camera and warning, “you should probably call the police”.