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Top 12 Members Of The nWo: Where Are They Now?

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The New World Order are coming for you, your family, and all your basic civil rights. Run. Hide. Arm yourselves with massive amounts of weaponry. Trust nobody. Fear everything. Blinding paranoia. No more sights of beauty. Everything is under attack. It’s only a matter of time. They are coming and arrive soon. Wait, who are we talking about here? Wrong version of the New World Order.

Such a version belongs to the Keyboard Conspiracy Theorist. This is about the wrestling world and the ones who – in the words of their Immortal Leader – identified as the “New World Order of professional wrestling, brother.” The nWo were officially formed in 1996 at the Bash at the Beach Pay-Per-View in Daytona Beach. That night in the Florida, wrestling as we knew it was altered forever.

Suddenly, the idea of the “good guy” wrestler was tossed aside; replaced with the Cool Heel and the Anti-Hero. No longer were wrestling fans interested in training, prayers, and vitamins. No more cartoon-like characters. The new wave had washed that all away and now, the nWo were the “it” faction on shore. Black and White was everywhere. In high school, kids were wearing the t-shirt while rejecting tradition.

The nWo faction was all the rage for a while until becoming their own worst enemy. The group continued to grow in numbers and was eventually split into sub-factions. The exclusivity that came along with being a member of the nWo had faded. Reincarnations of the stable would fail and the nWo was soon a thing of the past. In WWE, the group would appear with much-less of an impact; leaving little impression on the company.

So, where exactly have some of these gang-like goons gone? The following is a look at 12 select nWo members and how they have been living.

Note: For the purposes of this list, each entrant will have been a member of the original incarnation of the group.

12. Vincent (Then)

Vincent will forever be known best as Virgil, personal assistant to “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. However, this relationship was a product of WWE and once Virgil left town, a new identity was necessary.

In WCW, Virgil became Vincent and received somewhat of an upgrade in status. Instead degrading himself as a personal assistant, Vincent was hired as “Head of Security” for the nWo despite the fact that the boys could hold their own.

12. Vincent (Now)

Michael Jones (real name) has fallen on some hard times. Jones has been spotted at subway stations, selling autographs as a means of finance. Aside from this DIY sales operation, Jones continues to attend wrestling conventions.

However, the idea of meeting Virgil/Vincent does not draw much interest and as a result internet memes known as “Lonely Virgil,” which display Jones at desolate booths during said conventions, have gone viral.

11. nWo Sting (Then)

One of the most intriguing storylines in the history of professional wrestling would see Sting retreat into the shadows and undertake a vow of silence. However, the jump-start of this transformation can be attributed to the nWo.

The faction had been going to war with Sting and the rest of WCW since its inception. As a result, the nWo would create their own version of Sting to help stir up controversy and conversation regarding The Icon and his loyalty.

11. nWo Sting (Now)

Jeff Farmer (real name) is not going to the WWE Hall of Fame. In fact, Farmer will never qualify in any “greatest of all time” discussions. However, Farmer played his role within the nWo well and served his purpose.

Jeff Farmer has since shifted his focus to genetic research; serving as the project manager of GEAR (Genetics, Exercise, and Research): a program at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine aimed to understand genetic influence of physical activity.

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