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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon

A talk with Peter Maivia, Jr.

Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, re-presents his sit-down interview with Peter Maivia, Jr. A year ago, Jay talked with Peter when his father was inducted into the Hall of Fame. As a favor to Peter, he is posting this again.

About a year ago, I did a tribute column to Peter Maivia. The High Chief had been announced as a member of the Hall of Fame. Peter Jr., Peter’s son, read the column and wrote to me. Over the past year, he and I have become friends. As a favor to Peter, I’m reposting this…for him. Thank you, my brother, for your help during my dark times and thank you for being an inspiration. The original interview was posted on March 30, 2008.

1. Which of today's Samoan stars would you say best carries on the legacy started by you and your father?

Dwayne (The Rock)

2. What were your most memorable wrestling matches?

Rocky (Johnson) & I vs The Hollywood Blondes ( Billy Anderson & Tim Patterson).

When I wrestled the Iron Sheik in northern California and won.

The late Professor Toru Tanaka and I vs The Hollywood Blondes in the Olympic Auditorium.

3. When you were growing up, did you feel any extra pressure to follow in your father's footsteps?

YES, it all came about naturally. It was expected of me. When my father trained me, he used to kick my butt. I wanted to quit so many times but for some strange reason I kept coming back for more. He was much harder on me then the other students he was training.

4. Outside your family, which wrestlers had the most influence on your life and career?

Mando & Chavo Guerrero, and Sting

5. How has the inductions of your father and brother-in-law into the Hall of Fame impacted you and your family?

I consider it an honor for them to recognize my Dad at this level. I wish he would be here to appreciate it. The McMahons go back a generation with my father. Unfortunately, I was not invited to the ceremonies. It's very disappointing.

6. If you were to be offered a position in either WWE or TNA as an on-air talent, would you consider it? Would you prefer to be an announcer/color commentator, active competitor or a manager?

YES, Active Competitor or Manager

7. Are there any plans to write a book about you and your family? With your father and brother-in-law both going into the Hall of Fame, it would seem that interest would be high for learning about the Maivia family.

I have thought about it, especially as of late. There is a lot of misinformation and unexplained happenings in the family. Most were either simply not talked about or intentionally left out. I think a book would be helpful for me. It would let the fans see what it is like in and out of the ring and the things each of the wrestlers and their families go through. I want to show that we are no different than them.

8. How much are you involved in wrestling, these days?

I am Semi-Retired. I stepped away from the business, for a while, to refocus my life. Sting (Steve Borden) was a big part of that, He brought me to know The Lord during a very dark time in my life. I now have new eyes and a new heart. I am full of thankfulness for my wife and daughter. I am a stronger man, now. I want to jump back in (to wrestling) but being older and with my nephews success, it's a little intimidating. I guess what ever My Lord and Savior has in store for me is what it will be.

9. Several members of your family have gotten into acting. Have you done much acting? Would you consider it?

I have done a few things, mostly playing "the bad guys". I did an episode of 1st and 10 (HBO) with O.J. Simpson and a promo for That 70's Show with the rock band, Kiss.

10. Will you and/or others of the Maivia family (other than Dwayne and Rocky) be attending this year's Hall of Fame ceremonies? Have any of you been invited to Wrestlemania?

Honestly, I don't know about the other family members. I have tried to communicate with them on many occasions but for some reason, they have chosen not to respond. That saddens me, especially during a momentous occasion for my father. I would have hoped that we could be on the "same page" so to speak but since my fathers death there has been a lot of separation in the family. (Post-interview note: Lia Maivia and Ata Maivia-Johnson were at the Hall of Fame Ceremony. Sadly, Peter Jr. was not).

11. In closing, what would you like to say to fans of yourself and your dad?

Thank you, Thank you I have been blessed to have some dedicated fans in the past even though I have not made it to "Superstardom" .

I have met many of my father's fans through my travels and I am amazed at how much they still love and respect him and it is an honor to carry the name.

Just a few words to my family and friends .

Thank you God for your saving grace.

Dad, I miss you everyday. I think of you with tears and smiles. I can't explain how much I miss you!

To my wife, Sandra, thank you for loving me, in spite of who I am.

To my daughter, Samantha, you are my pride and joy.

To Steve, I love you Brotha

To My family: Lia, Ata, Rocky & Dwayne- I miss you and love you.

Peter Maivia, Jr.

--Jay Shannon
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