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The Solie Chronicles

By Robert Allyn with Pamela S. Allyn and Scott Teal

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Excerpt from “The Solie Chronicles” – Copyright © Robert Allyn
One evening, he sat in the comfort of his family room — vodka in one hand and a cigarette in the other, and spoke to his son-in-law, Bob Allyn.   Gordon said McMahon’s company offered him a fair wage to continue on, and there was even a mention of him co-hosting with Gene Okerlund.   He didn’t have a problem with the money offer or with Gene Okerlund, but Gordon said they wanted him to wear a tuxedo, and “he wasn’t going to wear any go—amn tuxedo.”


The background material for this biography was found in Gordon’s personal files and taken from interviews with the people who knew him the best. It is written as a testament to a man who made his mark in many endeavors.


To order the book or see more information about the book, go to:


You can also contact author Bob Allyn at [email protected]