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Dragon Gate USA is preparing to sign the first matches for its next live events on September 9th in Indianapolis, September 10th in Chicago and September 11th in Milwaukee (tickets for all three events now on sale in the DGUSA.tv Store or by calling 267-519-9744). Now is a good time to take a quickie look at the state of the DGUSA roster signed at this point for September:

Note: Stable listed in parenthesis.

DGUSA Champion YAMATO (Junction Three)
-Top Concern: Keeping The Open The Freedom Gate Title.
-Top Enemy: CIMA, the #1 contender and YAMATO’s greatest career long rival.
-Keep An Eye On: YAMATO’s new alliances in Junction Three, which throws YAMATO right into the feud against Blood Warriors.

DGUSA Tag Team Champions Masato Yoshino & PAC (Junction Three)
-Top Concern: Retaining The Open The Freedom Gate belts.
-Top Enemy: As a duo, Blood Warriors. Individually, PAC’s is Ricochet and Yoshino’s is Naruki Doi.
-Keep An Eye On: The PAC/Ricochet rivalry. These are two of the most athletically gifted athletes on the planet. Their feud has been building and will explode with a challenge series in September.

CIMA (Blood Warriors)
-Top Concern: Getting a title around his waist, proving Blood Warriors are superior.
-Top Enemy: Ronin are hungry for revenge on CIMA.
-Keep An Eye On: CIMA vs. YAMATO will be signed soon for the DGUSA Title. This promises to be the most epic Open The Freedom Gate Title Match in history.

Naruki Doi (Blood Warriors)
-Top Concern: Proving he is superior to Masato Yoshino.
-Top Enemy: Yoshino and Ronin.
-Keep An Eye On: Doi sent word from Japan that Johnny Gargano cannot make him tap to The Gargano Lock. Gargano tapped out both CIMA and Austin Aries of Blood Warriors on the last DGUSA event.

Ricochet (Blood Warriors)
-Top Concern: Winning the challenge series against PAC.
-Top Enemy: PAC and Chuck Taylor, who Ricochet has never beaten.
-Keep An Eye On: His growing confidence and improvements. Ricochet has become a star in Japan and now that star power carries over to the United States.

Akira Tozawa (Blood Warriors)
-Top Concern: Making sure Blood Warriors are the top stable.
-Top Enemy: YAMATO. Tozawa said in Japan he joined Blood Warriors because of how YAMATO treated him in the past. YAMATO did apologize for those actions.
-Keep An Eye On: No telling what to expect from Tozawa, who comes to the United States as a member of Blood Warriors for the first time in September.

Chuck Taylor (Ronin)
-Top Concern: Revenge on Blood Warriors.
-Top Enemy: Blood Warriors with an emphasis on Ricochet.
-Keep An Eye On: Taylor is hungry to return to action in DGUSA after missing the June events due to an injury. He has a lot of anger to unleash on Blood Warriors.

Johnny Gargano (Ronin)
-Top Concern: Revenge on Blood Warriors.
-Top Enemy: Blood Warriors.
-Keep An Eye On: Momentum as Gargano is coming off a career performance on the last event and has proven he can tap out anyone with The Gargano Lock.

Rich Swann (Ronin)
-Top Concern: Revenge On Blood Warriors.
-Top Enemy: Blood Warriors.
-Keep An Eye On: Swann will return in September after having spent three months in Japan. How good will he be after this extended tour?

D.U.F. (Sami Callihan, Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez)
-Top Concern: They are listed together because their only concern is F’Ning things up.
-Top Enemy: AR Fox.
-Keep An Eye On: There’s no telling what to expect from them after they tried to break AR Fox’s face on the last event.

AR Fox (no alliance)
-Top Concern: Revenge on D.U.F.
-Top Enemy: D.U.F.
-Keep An Eye On: Fox has been quiet and unassuming so far in DGUSA, now he promises we’ll see a new side of him when his war against D.U.F. begins in September.

Now you are up to speed as we get ready to announce matches for all three DGUSA events in September. There will be more talent added to the September roster.

Keep checking the DGUSA.tv News Alerts info for the latest.

-Thank you for reading.