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The Undertaker is WWE’s oldest veteran left. He’s ruled over WWE for two decades now, but is his time for retiring coming soon?

  The Undertaker has an on screen character of being immortal. While this may be one of the best gimmicks ever created in pro wrestling history, it’s important that we face the facts and realize that his time for leaving the industry is arriving soon.

Every year, The Undertaker becomes more and more injury prone. Not only that, but the years of wrestling and being on the road is finally starting to take a toll on the Deadman’s in ring ability. There’s a reason why he usually takes 4-6 months off soon after Wrestlemania every year. Another thing we should keep in mind is that it’s actually important that The Undertaker leaves pro wrestling before he suffers a far more serious injury.

For those of you that are unaware, The Undertaker had to undergo shoulder surgery in order to repair a torn rotator cuff. While this isn’t a life threatening injury or anything, it’s always best to avoid surgery when possible. If Undertaker continues pro wrestling, his risk of developing far more dangerous injuries is only going to increase.

The Undertaker probably won’t go out with a closing speech (much like one that Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair got). He’ll most likely silently leave WWE after a Wrestlemania performance. While many fans believe that The Undertaker is waiting  until his streak enters 20-0 before retiring, the truth is that there’s a very minimal chance of him still staying in the business for another 2 years.

I’ll personally miss The Undertaker very much once he has officially retired from pro wrestling. He’s one of the best wrestlers our generation has seen; his legacy will live on even after he’s retired.


Author: Pavitar Sidhu

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