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Sunday, September 23, 2007 – Issue #4


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<> We’re looking for match results from the WWE house shows today in Fort Wayne and Columbia. Raw ran last night in Champaign, IL, before an est. 5,000 with Jeff Hardy winning a battle royal, Candice Michelle over Beth Phoenix (said to be match of the night which speaks volumes), Super Crazy over ?, Val Venis over ?, Cody Rhodes over Shelton Benjamin, Jim Duggan over Daivari, Triple H over Carlito, and John Cena & Jeff Hardy over Cena and Jeff Hardy over Cade and Murdoch.

<> Smackdown/ECW ran in St. Joseph, MO, before an est.
2,000 with The Major Brothers over Paul Burchill & Dave Taylor, Mark Henry over Jimmy Wang Yang, Michelle McCool over Victoria, Big Daddy V over Tommy Dreamer, Matt Hardy & MVP over Deuce & Domino, Fit Finlay over Chuck Palumbo, CM Punk over Elijah Burke, and Batista over Khali.

<> Chris Jericho is expected to return to wrestling before the end of the year. He is said to be weighing up offers from both the WWE, TNA, and also some from Japan, although the smart money has to be on a WWE return. Jericho is currently on tour promoting his book “Chris Jericho: A Lion’s Tail”.

<> No new update on Shawn Michaels, who is under WWE contract for 5 more years, but there are rumors that he may be ready to return in a limited capacity for the Survivor Series PPV in November.

<> TNA Impact goes two hours from 10/4. The first two shows will be taped this coming Monday and Tuesday night at Universal Studios in Orlando. We’re looking to hear from any readers planning to attend those shows.

<> TNA’s latest newcomer, Judas Mesias (Ricky Banderas), is in a bad way after knocking himself out during a match for AAA in Mexico last Sunday. He is also suffering from sciatica and has been advised by his doctor to take a few weeks off to heal and rest up.

<> The New York Daily News today has a story on Rock and his latest movie projects at http://tinyurl.com/227oj8

<> Jim Ross wrote about the WWE Wellness Program in his latest web blog: “Many things are changing in the WWE for the better, in my view, as it relates to their much discussed Wellness Program. Lots of people can take responsibility for issues involving the program and I think they are. Wrestlers need to make better personal decisions and their doctors need to be smarter and not be so willing to cheat or be so gullible.
That’s my personal opinion.

The WWE is seemingly of the mindset that if a wrestler can’t adhere to the rules, the wrestler will unfortunately be looking elsewhere for work. From my experience in the management arm of the WWE, one of the bigger issues that the company has to deal with is the wrestlers denying when they have issues.
Having a problem is not a mortal sin and humans do make mistakes. The bigger issue is when these mortal men and women refuse to admit they have a problem and continue to look for ways to “beat the system” that is designed to help them live healthier lives. Bottom line is that some talents simply will never adhere to the rules of any system that they are in and my personal philosophy in management was if one could not solve a problem, no matter how hard one tried, then the only alternative one had was to eliminate the problem. Sounds harsh, but that is the way I see it.”

<> WG YouTube Video of the Day — Paul Heyman shoots on Vince McMahon, November 2001 — http://tinyurl.com/2j9yn8

<> Diva of the Day will be back soon. Just to get you guys started, here is a recent shot of Tammy “Sunny” Sytch who is probably in the best shape she has been in for years:


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