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The Young Bucks are known for their tweets. They represent AEW with the click of a button and can interact with fans. Now it looks like both Jackson brothers have left the platform.

Matt Jackson tweeted out: “I’ve had a fun time on this app for over ten years, but it’s time to finally hit the X. I’ll see you on BTE!”

On Friday night fans noticed that both Nick and Matt Jackson have left Twitter. Matt Jackson has deleted all of his previous tweets and Nick Jackson has deactivated his profile.

It’s unclear why they would both do this at the same time. Odds are they coordinated this or it is a huge coincidence.

We’ll have to see how long they’re going to be off Twitter. They can always bring their profiles back later on after a hiatus.


Nick Jackson has deactivated his twitter account and Matt Jackson has left twitter. I don’t know if it’s a work or not, but it isn’t then this is really sad.

Wrestling twitter is so toxic these days, more toxic than it’s ever been. Please can we all just get along?

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credit to ringsidenews