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Sunset Flip Presents Thinking Positive

By Jim Boy Star

This week, the talk of the wrestling world, is the new Monday Night Wars between WWE and TNA. There are so many goods things going on in the wrestling world. As someone that has seen some of the worst programming that WWE has ever offered in the past year, it’s tough for me to find the positives.

Don’t get me wrong, TNA has not been great either. However, between the guest host concept, illogical writing, and just plain awful events they have, WWE has by far reached a low point. I want to take this column to look at some of the positives in pro wrestling.
The New Monday Night Wars: This is self explanatory. The new Monday Night Wars will be successful for both companies, the wrestlers, and most importantly the fans. If TNA does not keep up with WWE, no one benefits
Wrestlelicious: If you have not watched not their show Throwdown yet, you need to. Some may find this surprising due to my usual hatred of women’s wrestling as a whole. Here’s how I see it, the actual in ring work is terrible but so is the WWE’s and the WWE’s division doesn’t make me laugh out loud like Wrestlelicious does. Therefore, this show is better than WWE’s divas division. It is one of these shows that if you go in there and take it seriously then you will be disappointed. However, there is plenty of comedy. It’s so bad it’s funny and that’s what makes it great. Plus, there is a laugh track on the show! How can someone not laugh at this? Definitely the funniest wrestling show on the air right now.
MCW and Half Pint Brawler: This past week Eric Bischoff used the Impact Zone to tape a series called Micro Championship Wrestling. For those unaware, this is a midget promotion. I love midget wrestling. I think WWE dropped the ball BIG TIME by not pushing the Junior Division. It still amazes me that WWE had gems like the Cruiserweight Division and the Junior Division and let them fall. But yet they add another crappy women’s belt for the women can botch three times in three minutes. Sorry about that. Positive thoughts. Even though Eric Bischoff’s promotion just taped for a possible TV dea, there is ALREADY a midget wrestling show set to air this summer.
For those excited (like me!), this means that there is a possibility this summer that we will have battling midget shows against each other. I hope Bischoff could get a TV deal. It would be awesome if they wind up getting a USA network timeslot, but I highly doubt that will happen.
Wrestlemania: Last year, Wrestlemania sucked. There’s no easy way to say it. This year, it’s a bit different. This year, there is some interest from me regarding Wrestlemania. I love that Jericho is going against Edge for the World Heavyweight title. As always, I’m excited to see the Money in the Bank match. I am looking forward to the Shawn Michaels-Undertaker match for a separate reason. Since I’m trying to stay positive, any matches I have not named you could assume that I don’t like them. With the three matches I named, that’s more than I liked going into Wrestlemania 25 last year.
Shawn Michaels’ retirement: I can’t wait for this. Ever since Shawn Michaels returned last summer, he has quickly become one of my least favorites. I can sit here and write how great of a worker he is, but as far as character goes, I can’t wait to see him go. I’m 100% confident that the Undertaker will win at Wrestlemania. For those that think otherwise, you need to get your brain checked. Wrestlers retire all the time and they make a return all the time. I have never thought that when Shawn Michaels does retire that he would stay away. From a booking standpoint, it’s easier to have Shawn Michaels “retire” and still keep him relevant for an occasional appearance than have The Undertaker lose. Once someone loses, that sticks with them and bookers can’t take it back. Retirement is another situation and one that is constantly broken by all wrestling promotions, including independent promotions. Good riddance Shawn. To me, you can’t go fast enough and I am definitely looking forward to seeing him leave, especially at this point in his career.
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Have a great week everyone

Jim Boy Star

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