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Tito SantanaROH Promotions & Darren Wyse on 10/9 TTRSLast week we had on Tito Santana & Tracy Smothers. Check them out in the archives.

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ROH Marketing and Promotions
There is a new era in Wrestling as ROH takes to PPV with their 2nd release. Prior to the recent events, ROH was only available via DVD, but now thanks in part of our guest this week and G-Funk Sports & Entertainment, they have exposure to a much wider fan base. This week we find out how they came to the determination to go to the next level.

Darren Wyse
He is the owner of NCW. Even though this promotion only runs a couple of events a year, they tend to be extremely successful in an industry where many are struggling. He also was on the Howard Stern show and several other TV shows. This week we find out more about the “Dirty” one.