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Penny Banner, Twisted Tate & Supreme Lee Great on 11/20 TTRS

Last week we had on Jimmy Valiant, Eric Gargiulo & Josh Prohibition.
Tune in on Tuesday at 7 PM EST and ask your questions in the live chat.
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Twisted Tate
He is the owner of Atomic Pro Wrestling and has created a Company that has put on some fun outdoor shows over the past couple of months that had stars like Sal Sincere, Nicolai Volkoff, The Patriot, Doink and Justin Credable, to name a few. This week we hear about where he is moving the show since he needed to come indoors and the future of his company and school.

Supreme Lee Great
He is an International Wrestling Star and has had many opportunities to work with some big names from the past and also some of the current superstars out there. He also has been part of the Trash Clan. He continues to help train many of the guys out there and has even appeared on WWE for some of their events. He is not just good, he is Supreme Lee Great

Penny Banner
Before the divas there was a group of women who pioneered the women’s wrestling. they Paved the way for women to be in the business and more than eye candy. These women worked harder than many of the men to travel the circuits and yet still remain feminine. This week we see how different it was for these athletes to make their way thru this male dominated sport.
Dusty Wolf
Coming Soon
New Jack
Scotty Vortex
Ryan Cruz
Chuck Taylor