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Dusty Wolf, Dr. Mike Lano & Georgia Commission Update on 11/27 TTRS

Last week we had on Penny Banner. Check them out in the archives.
Tune into this Tuesday’s show at 7 PM EST and ask your questions in the live chat.
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Dusty Wolf
This vetern has been around the world. He was one half of the Fabulous Blondes. He worked every major territory including the WWF at one time or another. He worked WCCW with the Von Erics, ICW, Texas All Stars, AAA, And EMLL. He toured Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, England, Japan, Korea India and more. He worked with all the Legends including Dick Murdoch, Jake Roberts Rufus Jonesand Ken Timbs. He has seen it all and shared his world with us on 10/14.

Georgia Athletic Commission Update
There has been alot of talk about regulation in the wake of the Benoit tragedy. Georgia seems to be leading the way in some reuglations that may very well put wrstling Promoters out of business. This week we will talk to some people who are spearheading trying to stop these new regulations. What are these regualtions and how will they affect the industry.

Cow Palace update
In the wake of the Cow Palace fiasco there have been many who are suing others. Criminal Investigations, and feeing people. This week we cover many things from the 3 people who were hopsitalized to the many who were nbot paid and lost money on this event. Dr. Mike Lano returns to the show to talk about this and man other Indy Wrestling stories.
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Ryan Cruz
Chuck Taylor
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