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Sexxy Eddie, Doc Diamond & Prodigy on 4/15 TTRS
Last show we had on Dickie Rodz. Check him out in the archives.
Tune into this Tuesday’s show at 7 PM EST and ask your questions in the live chat.
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Sexxy Eddy
Whether it be CZW, JAPW, IWA MidSOuth or Chikara Pro, this man has worked some of the best promotions and some of the best talent out there today. He has also spent time with some Canadian pomotions, as well as wrestled in German and England. This week we talk to an international Sexxy Object

Doc Diamond
The DWF lives as they have found a new venue and are getting back up to speed. We bring on one of the guys who has promoted show for longer than most and most any name out there has probably been on one of his shows at one time or another. We welcome back this guy for his second appearance to talk about the DWF, and Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and much more


He has worked primarily in West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. He has been out there paying his dues and making a name for himself. This week we find out what the issue is between him and the 3AW commissionioner.


Billy Roc
3AW Update
Josh Ambercrombe
Marcus Dowling
Bud Carson
Rob Conway

Coming Soon
NWA Prez Bob Trobich
Diamond Dallas Page
Blue Meanie
Jason Static
Tyler Black
Brodie Lee
Maven Bentley